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    Top Best Blogging Platforms for Blogging in 2016

    Blogging is a dream job for a lot of people. You can do what you love and enjoy every second of your working process. If you have writing skills, an excellent taste and feel like starting a blog, you need to choose your niche and start it. However, once you figure out what you are passionate about, what content is your best choice, and who your target audience is, you need to choose one of at least a dozen of platforms you can have your blog on. We know that it is not an easy decision and there is a lot to be taken into consideration when deciding on the platform. That is why we have chosen to help you with this tough choice and present the best services you can have your blog on. You can go through this list and depend on the type of your content, target audience and any other special expectations, pick one that fits your requirements.




    A list of the Best Platforms for your Blog


    #1 – We will start with a platform that is a No. 1 choice for at least a quarter of all blogs on the Internet. Its name is WordPress. The reason why it is so popular is that it is incredibly easy to use. You do not need to create a site; you can just get one of the templates and enjoy the process. However, it can be easily customized to meet your expectations and requirements. On top of this, this platform has great tools for SEO optimization and subscription options. Therefore, if this is something you want for your blog, go with WordPress. It is 100% worth it!


    #2 – Another great option for you is Tumblr. This is a platform where you can post anything that comes to your mind. If you feel like sharing some quotes or adding your favorite track to their news feed – this is what you need Tumblr for. This network is universal and can go with any type of content. Users can follow each other, chat, share videos and upload pictures. All this in just one platform, can you believe it? So, if you think that your blog will fit into this atmosphere, then sign up with Tumblr and enjoy the journey.


    #3 – The next platform, Medium, is quite the opposite to the one mentioned above. This platform is for sophisticated users only. You can post your ideas on Medium right away. No extra effort required; everything is quite simple and very user-friendly. The interface is “minimalistic,” according to the words of the creators of the platform.


    #4 – If you need a blog for business, you can opt for LinkedIn Pulse. This is a place where talented professionals can share their ideas and create a positive brand with these ideas. If you want to be discovered as an excellent specialist and a person deeply familiar with a subject in the certain area, then start a blog here and create a professional network with people of the same niche.


    #5 – You can also run your own blog with the aid of Squarespace platform. They offer a great number of opportunities for bloggers including a possibility of creating a customized blog space. They provide users with around-the-clock support and diverse themes. This platform is also easy to use and designed for bloggers. They also offer features like team contributors and mobile platform for the bloggers to write down thoughts no matter where they are at the moment.



    #6  Weebly can be your other option. You can create and customize your websites with it in no time. You don’t need to create your own website. All you need to do is to choose a form from a list of Weebly customized themes and add your content there. They also offer you some tools to keep track of the subscriptions and traffic on the website. One can add widgets to the site. So, if you want to have an easy to use website with all the marketing analytics tools on it available, opt for the Weebly – and you will never regret this choice.


    #7 –  If you are writing about traveling experience exclusively, you can choose Polarsteps. This platform was designed specifically for bloggers that share their adventures while conquering the world. The website keeps track of your geolocations and automatically creates an interactive map. You don’t need to “check in” or anything; just turn your GPS on, and keep moving – the Polarsteps will do the rest for you. You can also share the information on it with a selected circle of people by choosing relevant options in the Tools.


    #8 – Another great option is a platform called Wardrobe. It feels like it was designed specifically for those of us who can’t help it but get distracted by all the little details when posting content. If you are one of such people, choose Wardrobe – and you will never regret it. The platform is very simple to use and has a range of themes you can use for your blog. A great thing about this platform is that there is an opportunity to schedule your posts. So, you do not need to have Internet access all the time: just write everything in advance and schedule for a perfect date.


    #9 – Finally, you can create a blog using platform. This is probably one of the best ideas for blogging; this platform is designed in such a way that you are posting things in a notepad, and from there it gets posted on the Internet. It is extremely easy, especially for the users of Evernote: the idea of the platform is similar to the interface of the service in question. Just keep writing thoughts down for them to get uploaded to your website automatically.

    We hope our list of the best platforms for the blog will be useful to you!

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