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    The Top 8 ways to Target and Engage Customers with Social Media

    Ever since the explosion of social media we have been looking for ways to use it to target and engage more customers with it.

    It seems that engagement is a word that is used a lot these days concerning social media. Basically it is the way that we define building and nurturing a relationship with potential customers and shareholders of the business. It also is about how we communicate with those groups of people.  What information we pass to them and that which they pass back in the form of comments, suggestions, and marketing impact.


    Social Media Marketing Plan



    If your business is using social media as a marketing plan then you need to be sure that you are using it correctly. This means you did not build a business page to get followers or friends, you set it up to communicate with the audience which most should be your targeted audience.  Followers or friends are important to you social media plan but social media should be used a long term marketing tool. You use it for branding as inbound content marketing that will bring the follower to your page.

    The sharing of relevant and informative content on social media helps bring people to you and allows them to trust you which then will lead to conversion in the future. This all starts with engagement. Getting readers to click on your information, read it, and click on links to further information.


    Top 8 ways to engage and target the audience

    We have put together the top 5 things you can do to engage and target the audience in order to convert them in to customers in the future.

    1. See what your target audience is engaging with on social media then make sure that your content resonates with them. The more the reader can relate to your post the faster they will share it or reply to it. You also need to be sure that content is easy to read and respond to with mobile devices as more and more people are using smartphones and tablets over the more traditional desktop computer.
    2. Use photos and videos in posts, photos and videos get more engagement than just text. You may also want to ask your followers to post photos or videos of them using your product or service. Tutorial or how to use features videos are great for this.
    3. Run contest or sweepstakes on social media just use this carefully and not repeatedly post about the contest or sweepstakes you are running. Post that a contest is beginning about a week before you start it. Post the day it starts, then a week before it ends post that the final days to enter are here and then post when the winner has been chosen as to who the winner was.
    4. Use a poll or asks questions. The type of questions should be clever. Maybe post a use of your product that hasn’t really been marketed as much and ask others how they have found to use the product. An example would be Mr. Clean Magic Eraser; I used my magic erase to remove tree sap from my porch tile, how have you used your magic eraser?
    5. Respond to every comment that is left on your social media page to show that you are listening. If you do not know the answer, find someone in the company who does and ask them to reply to that particular question or comment. The responses do not have to be extremely long but a short reply such as thank you for your suggestion or hey I hadn’t thought of that use, is good.
    6. Use key words in your social media posts this will allow search engines to find your social media page. Key words that you have used content are the ones you want to use for this.
    7. Analyze and track your results with content key words so you know what works and what don’t.
    8. If you do not have time to write your own content then you need to hire someone e.g. Papers Board writing service to do it. There are many places you can get quality content from such as places like my guest blog or guest blog it.


    Bonus ways you can engage your social media audience

    Here are a few bonus ways you can engage your audience with social media.

    • Research how other businesses use social media to engage and target users.
    • Speak to your target audience directly.
    • Use comedy, kindness, and understanding. Never underestimate these emotions as they help us relate and create bonds.
    • Make notes of others posts for idea topics.
    • Have a blog and look for other blogs in your industry or niche and ask them to do a guest post on your blog and to do a guest post on their blog. The people who usually read the blog will see the posts and possibly find a reason to share it with their social media network. This can bring in new potential readers.
    • Have your blog posts automatically post to your social media channels. You may require a scheduler for this but there are plenty of free schedulers available for this purpose.


    Understanding how to engage and target your audience on social media is a must, especially since social media has exploded the way it has. If you wish to reach your audience and convert them to customers in the future you need to know who to make social media work for you when it comes to building trust with your audience.

    By posting new and engaging content in your social media channels you can keep your followers/readers coming back and sharing it on their social media network. When done properly it can be a huge benefit with future sales and continue to grow readers for years to come as well as continue to engage more people from your targeted audience.

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