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    Top 7 Tools & Services for a Successful Blogging Career

    In the present moment, blogging is extremely popular among marketers and businessmen of all types. Its popularity is caused by the current digital media boom that we are currently experiencing. The technology environment is extremely advanced compared to what it used to be a few years back, and the online trends have started to rise and multiply.

    People create blogs for many reasons. Some do it for the money; some do it for the passion, while some people just like to write. In fact, most of the times, people will try to combine the reasons and get money while still having fun writing about something that they’re passionate about.

    It’s not only individuals who use blogging as a revenue generating activity. The big brands are also taking advantage of the benefit that blogging brings. Brand awareness is one of them, followed by customer’s loyalty and profitability.

    You see, when you start a business, the first thought is: how am I going to promote it? Well, the first thing you can do about it: start a blog, provide value, and make money in the meantime.

    During today’s article, we’ll take a look at the benefits of blogging, some of the disadvantages, and then we’ll proceed and find out how to improve our blogging experience with the use of some special writing tools.

    The Benefits of Blogging

    Many fresh bloggers believe that their blogging activity will be part-time. It’s not long until they realize that they can reach massive success through better implication. So they start spending more time writing content, networking, and promoting their activity.

    Why do they do so? Because blogging has a lot of benefits and potential rewards. Let’s take a look at some of the most powerful benefits of blogging:

    1. A Successful Blog Generates a Lot of Money

    Of course, we start with the money in mind. Even though this isn’t the best approach, most people are looking for the profitability of starting something so big. Now, when we speak a “lot of money”, this can be a subjective concept. Some may be happy with 5000$ per month, while some want to earn six figures monthly.

    1. Once it’s Set, You Will Work Less

    Usually, after a blog establishes itself on the marketplace, the activity will become much smoother. There are lots of things that can be automated, many helpful tools (read more), and many possibilities of transforming the whole blog into a passive income generation machine. Therefore, you can work way less and enjoy more of your free time.

    1. Everyone Can Have a Blog, and Write about Anything

    The beauty of blogging is the fact that every person with a bit of talent can turn his or her passion into something much greater than he or she could even imagine. About the money, well, everything can be monetized, so that shouldn’t be an issue. In order to start, you just need a brain and an internet connection!



    Useful Writing Tips & Tools That Will Boost Productivity

    Before getting into the specifics, here’s what you need to know about content nowadays. If you are expecting to have blogging success, you must deal with the marketplace’s standards.

    First, you need to ensure that your content is relevant and valuable. That’s the first rule. Second, it must be impeccable; that means no grammar, spelling, structure, or style mistakes. Readers will always run away from these types of unprofessional aspects.

    Third, before you even start blogging, make sure that you commit to providing valuable content on a consistent basis. That means that you can’t miss posting new content each week. It always has to be active!

    Ok, let’s proceed to the tools that will totally improve your blogging experience and improve your chances of success.

    #1. Grammarly



    Remember what we’ve talked about your content state? It must be impeccable in order to ensure that your reader has a pleasant experience while consuming it. Grammarly is an awesome tool which focuses on correcting the grammar mistakes within your text.

    You can use it on the browser, implement it in your Word processor and in your Web Browser, and you can also use it on a mobile phone. I really believe that this app can be useful for any type of writer and blogger.

    #2. HemingwayApp



    Grammar is one of the many aspects that make a text qualitative and professional. HemingwayApp focuses on crafting your content differently from most of the existent writing tools. With this software, you can practically improve the readability aspect of your text.

    The tool will highlight those sentences that are hard to read, bad structures, and style mistakes. Use it in order to ensure that the reading experience of your blog visitor goes really smooth.

    #3. Evernote



    More like an organizer app, Evernote helps you stay on track with your writing schedule. You can create lists, tasks, deadlines, and so many more things that will make your overall writing lifestyle easier. If you have more people writing for your blog, you can use Evernote in order to manage the team by assigning tasks and sharing updates.

    While the app is not totally made for writers, and more professionals use it, I believe that bloggers can truly benefit from it!

    #4. Stayfocusd


    Here’s a great browser extension that keeps the distractions away. You have probably experienced a lot of distractions during your workdays. It could be the urge to check that Facebook notifications, answer an e-mail, or do something else with your working time.

    That can often turn unproductive; therefore, making certain that your full focus is on the task is essential for your productivity. Use Stayfocusd in order to block all the website links that you believe that are going to distract you.

    #5. Google Analytics


    A professional blog should always focus on testing new promotion ways, new content ideas, and new audience approaches. With Google Analytics, you can analyze all the possible stats.

    You’ll see who visits your blog, how long they stay, what they enjoy more, and so on. Afterward, you can optimize your activity according to the statistics and create a better blogging experience.

    #6. Google Trends



    Don’t know what’s popular now? Head out to Google Trends and inspect the graphics that show the current marketplace trends. See what people discuss about, what they care about most in the present moment, and find new blog posts topic ideas. This service is free and extremely useful!


    #7. AustralianWritings




    What if you want to be a blogger but writing isn’t your main forte? No problems, as there are good solutions for your issue. You can use AustralianWritings in order to order professional content writing services. Personalized blog posts according to your needs!

    You can also choose your own writer, communicate with him or her on a constant basis, and fill your blog with well-crafted content.



    In order to advance towards a successful blogging career, you must make sure that you’re constantly developing your skills and traits. Also, pay attention to your online promotion strategies and find out the best ways to optimize your efforts. Becoming a successful blogger isn’t easy, but far away from impossible.

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