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    Top 7 Time Saving Tools For Beginner Writers

    As a beginner writer, you might be working harder then you need to. There are plenty of online tools that help to produce your best work and master the art of a content writing while saving your precious time. They will be especially good for freelancers, as being own boss may be a time management nightmare. The Internet is full of distractions, but you don’t need to worry about them if you know the right tools. There are hundreds of content writing tools that will help to improve your texts and manage your time. Have a look at useful 7 time-saving tools for writers.


    1. Wordcounter

    Most of the assignments come with a predetermined word count. Write an exact amount of words for the post or article. But how can you know how much you have already written? Wordcounter helps you easily count characters, words, sentences, and paragraphs. The online writing editor will help you to improve writing style and word choice, detect mistakes and plagiarism. And that’s not all. It also measures a reading level of your text and can help you to spot overused words.


    1. Cliche Finder

    Whether you are a beginner writer or a professional, it is always better to avoid overused expressions in texts. This online assistant uses an algorithm and a dictionary to find clichés. You need simply to paste your text into the website and find out the results. Make your content stronger and more memorable by cutting out overused phrases.

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    1. Readable

    Is your writing easy to comprehend? This online application analyses your content and tells what should be changed, so the person can read your text easily. Readable helps to write awesome content that everyone can understand. Don’t wait any longer and find out if your readers can clearly read your material. Also, you can check out this editor for free before getting a subscription.


    1. RescueTime

    We all procrastinate from time to time. Sometimes we don’t even realize how much time we spent on social media or browsing the Internet. And how much time we allocate for work? Staying focused can become a real challenge. If you realize that you are not as productive as you could be, then it is time to check a RescueTime website. Their time-saving tool will help you to become more productive by understanding your habits. It gives you daily reports, which are based on your activities. It is one of the best tools that will help you to boost your productivity. But, if you are a student who can’t meet the deadline even when you managed your schedule like a pro, then you can find affordable essay writing service on the Internet.

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    1. Grammarly

    This online writing editor is a perfect device for a content writer. Everyone makes mistakes, especially in their writing. Grammarly makes sure that your text is mistake-free, easy to read and grammatically correct. It highlights the potential errors and provides an explanation if needed. This editor helps to detect plagiarism as it has a huge database of different web pages. We highly recommend Grammarly if you want your material to be more professional. You can try the free version, but it only offers basic spelling and grammar checks.


    1. Hubspot’s blog ideas generator

    Sometimes we just run out of writing ideas. Don’t worry; it happens to everyone. This simple online service will generate ideas for you, and t is very easy to use. You need to fill the form with the terms you want to write about, and they will come up with your future blog post titles. Their suggestions are not half bad!

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