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    Top 7 Free eBooks to Read on SEO and Social Media

    It does not matter whether you are new to SEO or have been doing that for a while, you need to stay updated, as the technologies are getting more advanced, and you might be way behind them. That is why we highly recommend you giving the latest books on SEO a read and see what fresh ideas you can get from there, and which your particular strategies you should abandon.



    So, here is a list of eBooks that elaborate on SEO and Social Media

    You can download all of them entirely free of charge and apply their principles to your business right away.

    1. We would recommend you starting with an eBook called “SEO Myths You Should Leave Behind in 2015.” As you know, strategies of the SEO gurus change as the requirements of the search engines as well as customers’ expectations become different with time. That is why those businesspeople that try to apply the popular trends of the last several years to their business are more likely to fail in the course of a marketing campaign. The authors of the book in question disclose the secrets all SEO managers should be aware of not to let their business fall victim to outdated information.
    2. Another valuable eBook we recommend each SEO person read is called “The SEO Survival Guide.” The authors tried their best to disclose a complicated subject of SEO with all of its pitfalls and hidden traps. You will be introduced to different aspects of SEO you did not know before. On top of that, you will get a chance to learn more about the content requirements, relation with the target audience as well as updates of the search engines and how you can make your product recognized by them.
    3. Another free eBook worth reading is called “Fishing Where The Fish Are” by Chris Brogan. In it, the author warns about the underfunded niches that will not be your best choice for the business. The main idea of the book is to help social media marketing managers stay focused on those areas of social media that have plenty of customers instead of trying to attract clients in places that have none. Chris Brogan creates a thorough plan you can apply to your business to promote it, expand the level of your visibility on the market as well as enhance your presence on the market.
    4. One more book you should know about is “Real Time” by David Meerman Scott. He is an author of several quite popular blogs as well as the one who wrote a bunch of useful eBooks. This particular one is very helpful, especially if you agree with his point that Marketing in the social media is not viewed as something that is valid only now, and not the future. This man presents a grand strategy he had developed for his own business and explains how you can use it for yours. On top of that, it is very easily read considering his writing experience.
    5. You might also consider reading another great book about content creation and social marketing. The book is called “Keyword Research. A real-World Guide”. It was written by Copyblogger. They know what they are talking about when it comes to creating a quality content that will attract new users to your website. Also, they are up to speed on choosing the perfect keywords that will help you get promoted and recognized by the search engines. Feel free to register with the resource to get this book if it sounds like something you need to gain a better understanding of.
    6. The sixth free eBook that can improve your knowledge about SEO and social media marketing strategies is “How To Enhance Your Internet Presence With Social Media.” The book was written by the Hubspot, and considering their reputation, the book is actually worth a read. This piece of writing is brilliant, as the authors included all the knowledge required to build up a strong presence on the terrain of Internet. The good thing is that this professional reading is quite short but rather informative. They chose four leading social media giants including Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and YouTube and provided special strategies for each one of them. No empty talks or promises. Only chosen and proven over time tips.
    7. Finally, the last book we will introduce you to here is also written by Copyblogger. Its name is “How to Create Compelling Content,” and it is all about content. The authors try to present the best tips on how to create excellent content and optimize it for the search engines. You will be surprised that a book disclosing crucial points of content creation and users’ engagement is very simply structured. However, the content of the book is stunning. The issues the authors talk about in the book include those about Google search engine requirements, keywords search and optimization, traffic conversion, links ad sharing along with copywriting basics and other useful tools every SEO manager should be aware of. It is very neatly structured and divided into logical parts, so you will have no troubles finding the only part you are interested in and skipping those you think you have already mastered.

    Make sure to pick the books you believe will be useful for promotion of your business and using the tips by the prominent leaders and gurus of SEO before you even start writing.

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