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    Top Tools for Taking a Better Control of your Content Creation

    Many experienced people who are in digital marketing will always tell you that content is the most important thing for raising your brand awareness and maintaining the general presence of your business on the internet.

    However, no one told you that it can become really boring once you have to update every social medium with fresh content, several times per day. It is simply time-consuming and it seems like wasting time that you can use on something more creative, but you still plan your content strategy for hours, making sure that everything is according to the plan.

    In order to have a better overview of the content that you make and share, you need to use the benefits that the Internet offers, most of which are completely free. Therefore, I will suggest some tools that will make it easier for you to have a better control of your content.

    Organizing your content

    • Trello – organize your content when working with a group of people. When several people contribute with fresh content every day, you need to keep track of who does what and when is the due date for their content. Luckily, Trello allows you to make separate boards and tasks for everything that your team does, thus keeping track of everything neatly.

    • CoSchedule – plan your content wisely. CoSchedule is a huge platform which allows you to plan how you are going to share your content on social media. The website actually has a big calendar and which is called “Marketing Calendar” and through it you can plan your whole marketing strategy schedule and pay close attention to how it takes place. CoSchedule is suitable for individuals as well as teams who have a huge marketing strategy to plan.

    Websites only for sharing content

    There are several websites which take care of planning and sharing your content on social media.

    • Buffer – Buffer is used by more than three million people already and it lets you plan and schedule content which will be shared automatically on all the social media accounts that you and your business own.

    • Hootsuite – this website serves basically the same purpose as Buffer. Except it is more complex and has certain options that involve analytics and different apps that will help you with your content

    • Later – Later is yet another content planning tool and you can sign in via your Instagram account and have all of your Instagram posts scheduled and uploaded automatically.

    • BoardBooster – BoardBooster is the perfect tool for planning and executing your Pinterest activity. It is of utmost importance to have an active Pinterest account since it is one of the fastest growing networks, very suitable for promoting businesses and products.

    Content creation websites

    As previously mentioned, sharing your content on social media is useless if the content is not deep enough and if it is not interesting for anyone to read it, watch it, like it or even share it. Therefore, in this section I will present two interesting websites that do nothing but content creation for your business and for you.

    • Sendible Content Creation – Sendible is a website that helps you with marketing strategy, but they are special because the also offer the Sendible content creation feature, where you can order articles for your business in order to optimize it on search engines as well as to promote it on social media.

    • Proessaywriting goes way beyond writing articles for SEO purposes. As a matter of fact, this website represents a group of professional writers who are ready to write anything that you may need – whether it is an essay for school, an article, a blog post or a creative writing task. This is a very neat thing because it is basically suitable for all the businesses out there which may have numerous different requests for them.

    Storing your content

    If your team produces content that takes up a lot of space, you can store it in the following cloud storages and have it ready for sharing when the time comes.

    • Google Drive – Google Drive offers 15 GB of free cloud space for you and if you are willing to pay only $1.99 a month, you can get 100 GB (the highest offer is 30 TB for $299.99 per month – WOW!).

    • Dropbox – Dropbox has three main offers apart from the free one – pro, business and enterprise. Each of the offers differs in price and the quality of service that you get.

    To sum up, before promoting your business online, you need to have a thoroughly planned content strategy and the only way to plan it and execute it is by using all the help that you can get. Luckily, there are many useful tools online which will in one way or another contribute to your content planning and creation, thus helping your presence on the Internet.

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