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    The 4 Most Important Pages Required For Your Blog And Website

    There are some pages for any blog and website that are very important in Google Guidelines, these pages also specify that the reliability of blog/website increases with these pages when someone reads your content (blog post), the user Try to know about.

    After creating your blog or website it is definitely about getting the About, Contact, Disclaimer and Privacy Policy page. You can see online that all four pages will be available on all the sites, blogs, go now and see what kind of make it.

    When you go for approval with Google Adsense, you will not get permission, you want to earn income from blogs and it is more strategic to gain more confidence from your community.

    These four pages are classified below, here you can understand what is the goal of these four pages.


    1. About us

    Many people coming to your blog do not really know much about you, about me is one of the most visited pages on my blog, it gives more information about it and my visitors feel more.

    People want to rely on real people whom they can trust so that you can trust more with your visitors on your page. You can showcase your products on some of your pages and talk about those with whom you work, this belief increases.

    2. Contact us

    Your contact page is a direct way for you from your blog and without the contact page, you are losing business.

    Your blog visitor who wants to stay in touch with your blog should not go to your Facebook profile or any other site to send you a message. This makes the process more difficult and staying in touch can be very frustrating.

    If you have knowledge of HTML, JavaScript, then you can easily create coding through the blogger. If you can search online on Google without coding. This is not necessary for WordPress, how many plugins are available.


    3. Disclaimer Page

    This is very important for any blog to earn money by selling other people’s products.
    If you link to external sources, then you have to clarify on the basis of those products that the product you used should not be responsible for any damage or problems facing your blog or those products or links.

    The Disclaimer page article cannot be an easy way to use a wrong generator in a way, however, you need to customize it.

    If you have a selling or shopping website, then the online tool generator can create a Disclaimer page and edit it simultaneously. You are a blogger then you can make a free online by the generator, if you are writing with your mind, then you can do this too.


    4. Privacy policy

    Privacy policy uses a statement or a legal document data or client or legal client in all ways meets the legal requirement for public’s Security and Consumer or Customer Privacy Management. Personal information can be anything.

    This page is also very important if you are working with a third-party advertising partner who can use cookies and web beacons on your blog. For example, before applying for a Google AdSense account, a privacy policy is required.

    This Privacy Policy page will help you use this information to use this generator to expand your personal information and gather with visitors.


    About, Privacy and Disclaimer pages important things.

    Privacy policy:  You want to create a privacy policy page for your website, then you can also visit the site and create a “personal user” for free.

    Disclaimer: for the Disclaimer page can be made free and paid disclaimer page.

    About: You are thinking about the About page which becomes an online generator. It is a wrong idea that you have to write with your mind how you have written on About page.

    Note: About, Privacy policy and Disclaimer page Do not copy-paste from another blog because google adsense will not get approved and the visitor can have a bad effect, they can understand that this is a copy-paste blog.

    I recommend in after creating a blog, create these important pages if you want to earn money with google adsense.

    If you have any questions, surely you will comment in the comment box below, I will definitely help.

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