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    Tablets May Offer Bloggers Distinct Advantages over Smartphones

    “Should I buy a tablet or a smartphone,” is a question most gadget whizzes ask themselves. A smartphone may sound like the most natural fit. However, if you plan on working on the go, you might prefer a handheld device close to a computer in processing power but with a more portable design.

    Tablets were supposed to be those “portable computers” that you could keep in a small handbag. But smartphones have become so popular in recent years that the tablet market has largely disappeared. Only some tablets, like the Apple iPad and Samsung Galaxy Note devices, remain popular.

    If you are a blogger by any means, one of these devices might serve you better than the other. Smartphones are surely a necessity. However, a tablet may offer you certain perks smartphones can’t when it comes to working on the go. Read on to find out more.


    Tablets are More Powerful

    Smartphones have become more powerful in recent years. Still, even the bigger smartphones can only barely catch up to the processing power of tablets. The best tablet available right now—the Apple iPad—can be as powerful as a small netbook. Your smartphone may be feature-rich, but it still can’t do some of the things tablets can handle.

    Tablets, thus, are better for doing things like editing documents or websites while on the go. You will be able to edit things on a cloud without experiencing lag. Simply put, tablets can handle more data-intensive tasks compared to smartphones, which makes them ideal as a substitute for a laptop on the go.



    Bigger Screens, Better Visibility

    Tablets have bigger screens on average compared to smartphones. The latter is naturally smaller. Even the so-called “phablets” don’t have screen sizes as big as the average tablets. A bigger screen always offers excellent perks for both casual and work-minded users.

    A bigger screen makes navigating through apps, especially web editing panels, much easier. You can review videos and images without squinting your eyes as well. You may even be able to look at two-panel apps, something smartphones can’t offer.


    Tablets are better for Editing Documents

    The bigger screens of tablets are generally great for editing documents. Unlike with smartphones, you won’t have to strain your eyes to look at the smaller letters. You can see images better on tablets as well. All in all, tablet screens can easily stand in for small laptop screens for getting your work done.

    You can use the tablet as a makeshift computer screen to lean back and type what you want. With smartphones, you have to lean in towards the screen. That’s not the ideal situation to work in.


    Accessorize with a Keyboard to Work Like on a Laptop

    You can roughly convert your tablets into a laptop by attaching a keyboard to it. This is a great option when working away from home. Newer tablet keyboards even come with attachments to sit on your lap comfortably while on long journeys.

    You can use external keyboards with certain smartphones too. However, typing is hard when looking at a tiny screen. These problems won’t affect you when working with tablets. Plus, the more powerful processing power means you can keep working without lag.


    Long Lasting Batteries

    Tablets are larger and thus can support bigger batteries. Smartphones have come a long way in ensuring long-lasting battery power. But tablets beat these a long time ago. Tablet batteries can last for more than a day or two even with heavy multimedia use. Smartphone batteries barely last a day.

    If you are working on the road, tablets can offer excellent perks that smartphones can’t. Tablets are more portable than laptops, so you won’t be packing as much. These offer better processing power and battery capacity compared to smartphones. Not to mention, the big screens that are not too dissimilar to laptop screens.

    As a blogger, you may benefit from owning a tablet more than a smartphone, especially if you are a traveling worker. Owning both devices may be the best because you can take phone calls on one and save the batteries on the other.

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