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    Reason Why 95% Of Online Bloggers Fail In Their Online Business

    Main Reasons Why The Majority Of Us Fail To Succeed In Our Online Business

    This is a popular general question floating in the Internet forums and posts: Why do 95% of bloggers fail in their online businesses? It should be noted that 98.7% of all statistics are made up on the spot. In reality, just about 2% of bloggers actually make real money from the Internet.

    Even if you narrowed it down, it’s practically impossible to get an accurate statistic on the failure rate of online businesses but what is certain is that only a very small percentage of online businesses are successful. Still, people are curious about what causes an online business to fail Below are common reasons or pitfalls why bloggers (from individual marketers to online startups) fail to succeed in their online business:

    1. NATO

    No Action, Talk Only. In short, Lack Of Action. I’ve talked to people who wanted to sell products online, read about selling products online and bought books about selling products online but never actually DID it.


    2. Impatience

    Too many times, a blogger will set up an online store to buy essay online cheap or any other, add her products, tell a few friends about it, put her link in her signature line, buy an ads or two and six months later when she’s not making $2,000 a month, she gives up, saying that internet marketing doesn’t work. There is no quicker way to earn thousand of dollar overnight without doing marketing and promotion. In addition, marketing and promotion is a long process.


    3. Real Life Priority

    This is especially true in the work at home mom world. The blogger gets busy with kids and just simply doesn’t have time to devote to her business that is needed.


    4. Lack Of Planning

    Regardless it is an online business or brick-and-mortar business, you need a business plan. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. So many people start a business on a whim. They come up with an idea on Monday and by Friday, they’ve set up a free website, downloaded a free template and slapped in a few Paypal buttons. When droves of traffic don’t arrive by next Tuesday, they are on to the next thing because obviously, selling products online doesn’t work.


    5. Negative attitude

    “I’ll just use a free hosting account, in case this doesn’t work out.” “I don’t want to spend more than $100 on a site design, because this is just a small business and I don’t want to waste money.” Too often people in my target market view necessary business expenditures as a waste of money, instead of as an investment.

    If you plan to be seriously involved in an online business, you need to accept that it will be a long uphill process and it will eat up your time and money. So be prepared to invest money to strengthen or grow your business. It is no different in injecting of the fund in a real life (or offline) businesses.


    6. Getting Bogged Down In The Details

    . I have had a blogger friend who was upset because she thought the content area of her site needed to be moved ONE PIXEL to the left and she’d already used her two contracted revisions. I’m sorry but one pixel is not going to keep people from buying your product.

    Finding the perfect shade of purple that looks the same on every monitor in the world is not going to sell your products.

    People often fail to be picky about the stuff that matters like the content and gets bogged down in the details of stuff that amounts to a hill of beans.

    7. Blog Traffic

    This is the most underrated factor in blogging for money success. Without traffic, your online store would be empty of virtual customers. Like in real life, no customer, no sale. Once you have sorted or avoided the first six pitfalls (listed above), have some efforts to drive traffic to your blog or online store. More traffic to your online business translates to a better chance of converting a sale.

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