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    Primary Content Writing Strategies for the Apprentices

    The appropriate content that meets the goals of the business project, style and interest of public resources, not only increases traffic to the site but also the conversion, which is the main purpose of content marketing. Last, but not least, the disclosure of the potential of content plays a vital role in grabbing the new customers. Therefore, the content writing works to solve business problems by the following aspects:

    • The attraction of targeted traffic
    • Increase the number of specific actions (sales and subscriptions)
    • Registers, downloading programs, etc.
    • Improvement of behavioral factors (increase in time and depth of viewing, expansion of rating of the site, decrease in the frequency of errors, etc.)


    The heading of the Content

    In many ways, headlines depend not only on the relevance of the pages in the search but also on the number of users passing by the link. Therefore, it is essential to make a few titles by knowing the experience of competitors, on the one hand, highlighting your background and, on the other hand, avoiding repetition. Identify the benefits of your product and specify it in the header.

    You can create headers simply by changing them on the page and in the title tag. Another way is to write using social network audience. Publish 2-3 messages with different headings leading to the landing page. Based on the results of estimating the number of transitions, it can be concluded that the efficiency of this or that header is effective.

    The length and structure of Content

    When we talk about a blog, search engines and users today feel honored by the quality and level of content that transmits traffic to their pages. If you advertise an online store, then everything is not so clear. The main attention is paid to the information content and the speed of information retrieval with the possibility of more detailed familiarization which is very important. However, analyzing the text will elucidate you:

    • That the length of texts is reflected in the ranking in the search engines.
    • How much time users spend on the page (it is obvious that long texts are more cautious and require at least time for scroll). But when a person needs an answer to a specific question, a large text can be worrisome, because he also needs to look for information.
    • If the conversion increases (it is probably more profitable to place small texts in the form of a list of results or benefits, which all describe in detail).


    Content writing style

    The style selection depends on the audience and the subject of the site where the text is inserted. For example, the writing style of a friendly writer (for example, a message in an entertainment resource or an article in an author’s blog on the Internet) is appropriate and it could be better for official business to indicate towards the examination of goods. By testing different styles, you can determine which podium is the most loyal user.

    In any case, you must find your own approach for the target audience. If your readers are youngsters, you can use slang and informal headlines and refer to them. If your audience is made up of business people, you need to focus to gain trust.

    When preparing content to be published on external resources (e.g. for promotional purposes), carefully review the most popular articles (the simplest way to analyze the number of views and comments). Pay attention to the structure and volume of popular articles, their style, their design and the depth of content development. This analysis allows you to create a website with relevant content.

    Thus, if you have no experience in preparing content for placement in external resources, it’s hard to avoid mistakes. Therefore, use professional content managers who not only collect relevant sites for your topic, but also prepare relevant content.


    Frequency of publications

    It is important to find a key Centre. On the one hand, the more information you publish, the better it is in terms of SEO because it increases the visibility of your site during your research. On the other hand, if you have a lot of subscribers, a great number of articles will cause their loss of value and may also be perceived as informative spam. Experiment with the frequency of content updates to find the optimal schedule as well.


    Images for the Content

    This is an essential part of the site’s content. You can experiment with the images through (change the background, start-up screen, website index, icons) and their position. Another aspect is the number of images. For example, online stores should have a lot, but in blogs, they often capture focus from the text if they are not informative.


    Fill up of the Forms Phase

    The form filling is often the last and most imperative stage of a targeted activity. There are order forms, registrations, subscriptions, etc. Therefore, develop at least two or three alternative modules and evaluate the statistics for each one using traditional Google Analytics. Sometimes the change of seemingly insignificant details has a noticeable effect.


    Request to action

    It is a very sensitive component of the content. In the end, it is important not to exceed the limit between proposal and correspondence. The request can be implemented via a link, a button or a clickable image. Try to use different request methods. Therefore, do not try to sell, but solve the problem of the user.


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