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    Monetize Your Blog and Earn More With These 5 Methods

    Blogs have become very popular now, not only as a way of expression but of making a decent living too. More blogs are created every day on various topics covering almost every area of human endeavor.

    Making money from blogging is possible but requires education and persistence. Many bloggers make millions, others hundreds of thousands and still it seems the total revenue that blogging can generate is yet to be explored. If you are a blogger or intending to be, study these tools carefully and focus initially on one to make sure you get the best out of your blogging efforts. 

    Monetize Your Blog and Earn More With These 5 Methods 1

    Affiliate Marketing

    Affiliate marketing is one of the proven ways of making a substantial income online. Starting is very simple and a lot of people have started without any initial investment. As a blogger, you need to choose products that are within your niche and promote them on your blog. The money you make in affiliate marketing depends not just on the volume of your traffic but its kind. The more targeted traffic you get the more money you will make. Most times, it pays to combine both Costs Per Sale and Cost Per Action affiliate programs. It increases your chances of making extra dollars from your blog., Rakuten and Click Bank are some of the top affiliation hubs you register for partnering with companies.

    Pay Per Blog Posts

    This is not forum posting. Here is how it works. If your blog has adequate traffic or you already have a substantial list of subscribers to your blog. You can contact any big company, professionally, whose products and services are covered by the topic of your blog to know if they would like to have their company reviewed on your blog. Owing to the fact that your blog is already established with a lot of hungry readers, they won’t likely refuse the offer.

    Normally, the amount that these companies would like to pay you might depend on how big your blog network is and how likely they are to benefit from those sponsored reviews. Generally, pay per post can make you money. You just need to do it the right way.

    Sell Text Links

    Although selling links in your blog is against Google’s Terms Of Service (TOS) unless you use the “nofollow” option selling text links is a great way of generating revenue from your blog. The links can be in your posts or banners. This system will make you more money and certainly help in your blog’s ranking.

    Sign Up For Adsense Programs

    The popular Google Adsense can be a great option in this case. Adsense is a way through which you publish third-party ads on your blog and get paid for every click on those ads. Before you venture into this method of additional revenue, you might want to study Google’s TOS and learn everything you can about Adsense publishing. Also, you have to be conversant with the tools and tricks of ads placement, blending and tracking in order to be a successful publisher.

    Sell Banner Ads

    This is similar to selling links but the difference is that the ads that you will display here will only be in banner formats. You can contact the companies or join banner selling networks. The amount of money you can make from this program is dependent on the number or size of visitors to your blog. Selling banner ads is very competitive. As a beginner, it is always better to charge lower to gain your first customers.


    These steps have been used and proven. My personal suggestion based on my experience is you should start with Affiliate marketing and Google Adsense. I am doing it, you can do it too, with determination and consistency. At first, put your best and never expect anything in return. Things will definitely turn out good by themselves if you keep your best.

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    Monetize Your Blog and Earn More With These 5 Methods 3
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