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    Is Buying Essays Online Safe and Legal?

    Is Buying Essays Online Safe and Legal? Students have to face a lot of obstacles. Some of them are related to poor learning skills or lack of time. Some are related to personal problems, family affairs, health issues, etc. Even the smartest youngsters come to a point when they see no way out. After that, they try to solve their academic issues with somebody’s help. The most obvious solution is to buy essays online on a custom writing service.

    In the meanwhile, most educators punish students who use custom services. They claim that their activity is illegal, and it is not safe for your privacy. That’s why many students ask – Is buying essays online safe and legal if I contact custom writing services?

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    We want to assure you that no law forbids the activity of custom writing platforms. They do not break any laws and so, they are absolutely legal. Teachers and professors say that they are illegal because they do not want their students to play hooky. The matter of safety is another crucial aspect, which is more complex. Therefore, we will discuss it later.

    What about the Moral Aspect?

    Many students are not sure if it’s ethical to buy essays. They do not complete their tasks. They ask others to do that. It’s worthy of respect if you feel pangs of conscience when you think about the moral aspect of buying essays online. Your educators do not want you to use those services because they are afraid you will become lazy and will not develop the necessary skills.

    Work ethic

    What is the solution? If you don’t overuse such services, you are not hopeless. As we have already told, certain obstacles make even the best students struggle. If you have no physical ability or lack the knowledge to complete your task properly on time, you may use professional help. Just do not make it your common habit. Otherwise, you’ll turn into a lazy student who has weak writing skills.

    How to Detect a Reliable Service Fast for Buying Essays Online?

    Magnifying Glass

    Many students are in a great hurry and need to know if a certain service can be trusted right now. If you have no time to do in-depth research and no one of your mates knows the answer, do not grow desperate. We can help you to speed up the research process. Here are some quick tips:

    • Read customers’ opinions;
    • Contact customers (if possible);
    • Check special independent rating agencies;
    • Read samples;
    • Always communicate with your writer;
    • Check if the contact information is real;
    • Check refund policies;
    • Understand all the terms and policies of refund and delivery.

    We’ll provide detailed explanations and tips here below.

    Check the Reputation

    Woman choosing with tick five star rating on paper sheet

    If you have enough time to conduct in-depth research on the credibility of a custom company, we’ll help you too. Your first aim is to check its reputation. If it’s highly reputed, you have nothing to worry about. Here are the things you should obligatorily check:

    • Niche – Surf the Internet to define the rating of the anticipated helping site. Such information is easy to find.
    • Experience – It’s better to choose companies that work for at least 2 years or more.
    • Contact information – Obligatorily check the contact information, which is located on the contact page. Check the real address, phone number, and certificates.
    • Refund policy – A reliable site always offers a refund. It is given when your conditions were accepted but were not fulfilled as promised. Thus, you have the right and possibility to get your money back. The refund may be full or partial. Check this term too.
    • Customer support – Another sign of a reliable service is the speed and precision of its supporting team. It should be available 24 hours round the clock. Consultants should know all the rules and policies, provide detailed answers, and give them in a couple of minutes. The reaction must be fast.

    Privacy Policy

    You should “always” check the terms of the privacy policy. Make sure the chosen company guarantees the necessary conditions, does not violate your rights, and you understand all the terms, limits, and rules. Always check anti-virus software. Make sure it is updated to fight back even the newest cyber threats.


    The chosen platform is obliged to never share any facts about you. Obligatorily check this claim in the policy. Custom services have the right to learn your name and email. It’s illegal to demand from clients:

    • Address;
    • Phone number;
    • Any data about their school or college;
    • Names of parents or something like that.

    Kinds of Help

    It’s vital to check the features offered by the chosen company. Although most students require writing help, many of them also have problems with editing, plagiarism, etc. The professional direction of writing companies is crucial too. Make sure your company writes essays in the required subject and offers various academic features. Among such are:

    • Writing;
    • Editing;
    • Quoting;
    • Proofreading;
    • Outlining;
    • Rewriting;
    • Referencing;
    • Searching for information;
    • Selecting topics;
    • Improving readability, etc.

    If you deal with a highly reputed platform, its writers can complete all types of essays and other academic papers. They write 100% unique projects and meet all realistic demands.

    Choose platforms that have at least 300 experts. Thus, you’ll have a rich choice and will not risk your time. You won’t have to wait long until your order is accepted. It’s extremely vital when you have a short deadline. Professional writers are very fast and know what writing strategy to choose to beat the shortest time limit.

    Always check these points. They prove that a certain custom platform is reliable. Accordingly, it is safe and legal to meet your needs and protect you.

    Summing Up

    Custom writing companies such as CustomWritings are legal for buying essays online. Don’t believe people who deny this claim. Online writing help is quite safe if you know how to identify credible platforms. Obligatorily use the tips and tricks proposed in our article. They will surely help you to define the truth.

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