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    How Web Design Impacts Content Marketing

    A website is now an integral part of a company’s marketing strategy. The web design is the first thing user interacts with. It depicts the first impression of the business which builds or exploits the company image in the user. A poorly designed website has the power to hinder the business progress and make the user switch the tab leading towards the competitor. One thing that adds value to the website design is the content it encompasses. Businesses use content to market the company’s image by creating awareness and captivating potential customer attention. Content marketing campaigns have now become an integral part of the marketing strategy in which the company allures customers by the use of strong influential words but also by not pitching the company product specifically. Content marketing is different from advertising because it does not directly sell the product or service instead it uses useful relevant information regarding the product that people seek out and want to consume or use. Web design impacts content marketing in a great way; some of the designing factors that can thwart the content from being fully effective are detailed below:

    Factor #1 (Accessibility)

    The content you incorporate into the web design must be easily readable. It should be made part of the design so that it is prominent enough so that readers can easily locate it. One of the factors that content-heavy websites should give prime attention to is that the navigation should be easy to the relevant content so that the user does not have to go through pages comprising irrelevant information. Make sure that it constitutes good navigation so that the user can easily find the desired information that landed him on the page in the first place.

    Factor #2 (Content Readability)

    Content readability is another aspect that designers need to consider. The elements such as font, size, and colour significantly impact the readability of the content. Don’t go for too many fonts instead select a particular font for the heading and another for the body; this makes your site look professional. Selection of the colour and font can impact the user’s desire to read and comprehend the content, a background colour that is similar to the font colour that the user faces difficulty in reading. The thing to remember is the use of colours that coordinate with each other and a font large enough to read.

    Factor #3 (Overall Appearance)

    We quickly judge someone by the outward show he presents, the same goes for the website. No matter how much value-added content we have written but if the design doesn’t compel people then it’s in vain. The design of the website brings the quality and trustworthiness of the content depending on how professional it appears. Therefore, keeping the design simple and clean with a professional logo adapted to your website header and matching colors schemes

    Factor #4 (Visual Inducement)

    The present era is all about visuals. People seek images and videos to understand the information better. Therefore, inducing the right kind of visuals relevant to the written content can also augment the value of the site to the users. It gives the users a better idea of what the company has to offer to them such as a video demonstrating how to use the product or how a service can be availed. The designer must make the website in a way that is compatible with the visual content and it is easy for users to scroll all the way through various photos and videos.

    Factor #5 (User-friendly Website)

    Web Template Website Design Concept
    Web Template Website Design Concept

    Can you name the best quality of the website? It is the user-friendliness that it offers. The web designer needs to keep in account that different segments are made available for the content that is categorized because users scan first and then read. Also, the design should ensure that the browser is available at the top and easy access to the desired information without having the hassle of going through various pages. Using space in the content also increases the content legibility which makes it easier for people to interpret and comprehend, providing a great user experience. One of the principles for ensuring a dynamic user experience is the flow of information in a logical manner. And of course, it’s crucial to build a solid website at the first step. For that reason, use a professional website builder like Zenfolio. According to this Zenfolio review, it’s one of the best website builders in the market.

    Factor #6 (Easy Navigation)

    The website design should provide exceptional navigation so that customers can find the information they seek with no trouble. For this, the design should encompass some drop-down menus and various options for going through pages. Easy to navigate website is the most powerful tool that businesses can use because users can find exact information quickly ensuring convenience.

    All these factors can impact the content marketing strategy you formulated. Also, ensure that you view the design from the third person view to get a better understanding of what lacks and what can be improved. Assuring all the functionality of the site will give you brilliant results.

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    Sameer Khna

    Nowadays content matters a lot when you consider website design. And all factors mentioned here from Accessibility to Easy Navigation impact the overall website design.