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    How to Recycle your Old Blog Posts and Reuse them?

    Recycling is a great way to use past things again in a brand new way. The same process applies when we recycle content for our blog post. However, if you’re also thinking to reduce the time and reuse the existing content then you’re at the right platform. Let’s have a look below to add spice in your existing content and make it more engaging for your potential audience.

    #1- Pick Out & Revise Popular Post

    Manage sufficient time and go through your blog timeline to figure out the most popular post. Once you identify the most liked post, copy its content and revise it. This way you will easily save ample amount of time that you will need to consume in the creative writing session.

    In addition, you will successfully publish a new post that will effectively engage your audience. Never copy/paste old content as it is because duplicate content will create trouble for your website ranking. So maintain the quality of your content to make it more engaging and inspiring.


    #2- Turn It Into Infographics

    Without a doubt, infographic is the best way to reform content which you have published before. With infographic, you can even reuse your once published content in the form of stylish and appealing infographics. For this purpose, you will need to visit online infographics creation forums to reshape your content in a captivating way.

    Besides, converting past blog content into an appealing infographic will truly entertain your audience. Thus combine this visual content strategy to recycle your content in an appropriate manner.


    #3- Link To New Post

    If you’re willing to reuse your old post, then there is no other best way to do it than connecting it with a new post. Link your old post with your newly developed post that has a related topic. For instance, if you want to recycle an old post which topic is “how to drive more audience over online forums”, then you can jot down a new post on” how online forums are facilitating entrepreneurs”, to relate it.

    Moreover, internal linking will help you to reduce website bounce rate as the visitor will engage in the other blogs post.


    #4- Add A Related Post Widget

    This is the proven way of reusing old post again and again with a better CTR. This is why many web bloggers are adding related post widget to entertain their content readers in the best way possible. If you’re using WordPress blog, then you could easily share old content in related post column by LinkWithin.

    In case, you’re running a multi-author blog or guest posting forum then you can add a widget that shows more post by the same author. By doing this, you could easily share your old content as well as facilitate your audience in a better way.


    #5- Create Email Newsletter

    Undoubtedly, the newsletter is a great way to share a new as well as old post to stay in touch with the audience and contributors. Very few people visit blogs on a regular basis, therefore sending an email newsletter to your subscriber’s list is the best idea to drive them back.

    Furthermore, keep in mind to share a short piece of your old post in the newsletter to facilitate your audience with evergreen content. Else you might miss a great opportunity to recycle old blog post in an inspiring manner.


    #6- Share On Social Media

    When it comes to recycling blog post, social media is the best source to diversify your audience. Don’t rely totally on your blog instead share your evergreen content over social media platforms as well. Your blog post recycling strategy will bring a new audience to your website, earn you more conversion and encourage your reader to subscribe your blog. Ensure your existing post looks visually attractive over socializing forums. This is because it directly affects the reader’s engagement and response rate.


    #7- Write A Response Post

    Nowadays, many blog runners frequently write the response posts on a weekly and monthly basis to encourage their readers. Figure out the common question that is frequently asked by your audience and answer them in a form of blog post by linking your existing posts.

    When you publish response post that solved readers specific problems you could easily convert them to your subscribers. So don’t forget to use this handy opportunity to extend your subscriber list successfully.


    #8- Make Powerpoint Presentation

    Producing a PowerPoint presentation with used content is a quick and easy way to recycle blog post. According to a report by LinkedIn, more than 30 million PowerPoint presentations are produced in one day.  It means that you can also benefit from this tool of technology and reuse your existing post content in an appropriate way.

    Therefore, you must use PowerPoint helpful toolbar menus and button to create an eye catchy presentation with your old content. And if you don’t, then you miss out a great chance to recycle your post through a quick and creative process.


    #9- Use Blog Post Syndication

    In a nutshell content syndication is the popular way to reuse existing post by sharing it on a reputable website. You can also feature your used content on a high traffic website to drive more audience to your blog with an original source link.

    Sharing content without a link on any other website can make duplicity. Therefore, it is essential to do it in the right manner. Otherwise, search engines like Google will negatively affect the ranking of your website.


    #10- Develop A Video

    Creating a video is the right way to repurpose your old content. When you have an inspiring content in your hand, you could easily develop an engaging video in no time.  For this, you will need a helpful application like Animoto to share your old content in a refreshing way. Additionally, the video blogging you can reach millions of audience in a short span of time.

    Surely by reading the republishing techniques of the used content shared in this passage any blogger could easily recycle blog post and drive endless opportunities.


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