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    How to Be a Successful Blogger Among the Male Audience

    It doesn’t matter if you’re hoping to break away from the 9 to 5 grind or if you’re just interested in blogging about topics that you’re passionate about. Blogging is a great way to earn extra income, or even replace and surpass an existing income – If you know who your target audience is.

    Did you know that women are more likely to take on blogging than men? While the divide between female bloggers and male bloggers isn’t significant (in June 2010, the ratio of bloggers were 50.9% female and 49.1% were male). It’s still safe to say that the majority of the blogs you read out there are going to be written by females.

    So, what does that mean for male readers? Does that mean they are resigned to reading about DIY crafts with pink backgrounds and the like? Of course not! There are countless blogs out there that are targeted to male readers, and you’d be surprised to learn that those blogs aren’t always written by men!

    As a female blogger, you might feel like you can only write about things that your female readers will appreciate. With that train of thought, you are severely limiting your reach and decreasing your income potential. Think about it. If you’re selling gaming systems, you’re going to want to have both the Xbox and the PlayStation because you want to get as many sales as you can. It’s the same way with blogging. You want to provide content that both men and women will appreciate and find value in.

    Well, blogging for women is easy because you are a woman! However, if you’re interested in broadening your readership and appealing to the men who are interested in your niche, we’ve got some tips that will help you be that badass blog boss that the boys will love to read.

    Tip #1: Use visuals men can hope to achieve themselves

    Men want to see things that they could one day attain for themselves. They want those new golf clubs. They want that fully loaded truck. They want that sexy woman on their arm. How does that translate to your blog? You have to appeal to their sense of wonder and the “what if” for the future. Show your male readers that you understand what they want and you can help them achieve those goals for the future.

    Tip #2: Give them the cold hard facts

    When you’re talking about a product, a service, or general advice, you better be prepared to back it up with proof that supports your claims. Let’s say you just bought this new tool and you go on and on about its features and what it can do. Unless you are showing them in action how it works, they aren’t going to believe you and they’ll start to question your credibility.

    Tip #3: Men want results

    How many men do you will go out and pick something up with no intention of using it? Probably not very many. When a man is faced with a problem, he will do whatever it takes to remedy that problem now. So, let’s say that as a female blogger, you want to provide men with advice on what women really want. You’re going to give them actionable advice that will, in fact, help them be more successful in love. You’re not going to use language that suggests you think this advice will work. You’re going to say, “If you do this, women will respond. If you do that, you will find success. Once again, back it up with evidence that your advice works. Use testimonials, numbers, links to studies. All of these things will only help solidify your expertise in whatever you are talking about – not just luck with women!

    Tip #4: Men want to show off

    It isn’t very often that you’ll find a man who will talk to their buddies about a blog they are reading. They’ll more than likely talk about the latest movie or his latest conquest instead. If you want men to talk about your blog and the information you provide, you’ve got to make it something worth talking about! Don’t be afraid to get personal with them. Talk to them as though you’re sharing a beer and shooting the breeze on the back deck. Make them take a step back and be surprised that you, a female blogger, understand his life, his wants, and his interests. When you can dig down and make him feel like you’ve connected with him… Well, that is the mark of a great blogger who understands her audience – the modern man.

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