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    How Many Words Should Be There In My Blog Post?

    If you are into digital marketing or are planning to get into the online marketing industry, you must know that the number of words in a blog or post plays a huge role. While it is generally believed that a longer blog fetches better results, the number of words depending on your ultimate goal.

    Yes, users usually look for in-depth content that covers a subject thoroughly as well as adds value to their experience. However, your blog should not be too long and detailed as well. Readers might close the tab before even reaching halfway.

    Then, how many words should your blog have based on your goal? Well, read further and use to ensure you do not fill in unnecessary words.


    Pageviews – At Least 300 Words

    If your primary goal is increasing pageviews, you can opt to post short content. Yes, Google’s Panda SEO algorithm does not like thin content. But if your blog post has more than 300 words, it should not be penalized by Panda.

    Many studies have shown that readers love articles that are under 500 words. The key is to include important details in your blog but not make it too long. Additionally, if you look at pages that do well, you will observe that most of them have 300-800 words.


    SEO, Marketing, And Branding – 500-1000 Words

    If you are into SEO, branding, and marketing, content pieces above 500 and below 1000 words would be ideal. The word range is enough to cover most of the topics with ample details to offer valuable experience to the readers. Articles written in this range please Google’s search algorithms along with earning social shared.

    In articles having 500-1000 words, you can easily include the keywords multiple times and climb up the search index.


    Engagement – 2100 Words

    If you are seeking to build engagement through your content, a blog post of 2,100 words would do the deal. Almost 2000 words are enough to present your argument well. If you research, you will find that this is the ideal number of words.

    Considering the fact that an average reader reads 300 words in a minute, it would take the reader 7 minutes to read a 2100-word article, which is the most desirable length. As per researches, blogs above 7-minute read do not attract major of the readers.


    Ranking For Highly Competitive Keywords – 2500 Words

    Well, if you have reached 2100 words, pushing more and adding more words would not be a hassle for you. But Google’s first search engine results page (SERP) for highly competitive keywords considers carefully targeted, long-form, and high-quality content, which is around 2500 words.

    Data reveals that the top-ten Google results are ruled by blogs having more than 2000 words, while the top three have close to 2500 words.

    These numbers are just a result of research and facts. What rules is high-quality content? If your content is good and on point, no matter how many words your blog post has, it will attract the audience.

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