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    How Canonical Tag is Useful For Search Engine Optimization

    Canonical tag is HTML tag which confers to identify the duplicate content over the website. This tag prevents the duplicity of content and sometimes the website runs through different URL  then google understand the same URL. The Google crawlers consider the duplicate the content. Canonical tag format is more control over the website to hack the duplicity. It is the command of search engine console extracting the content duplicacy and returned in Google search engine result pages. It also makes sure the link popularity in search engine result pages.


    How Does Canonical Tag Work:

    If you working for a webpage then Url will make for that pages look like this. If someone comments on that page that

    This URLs point to same in google search console then we need to have set up the canonical tag in a header section of the website. The final URL will be made with canonical tag is made

    <link rel=”canonical” href=”” />

    Google will understand the separate pages in a different manner in perspective of search console. page rank will separately count.

    First of all, cannibalization is the process that determines the main URL address for subsequent crawling by a search engine. It occurs automatically (according to the specified algorithms), however, to avoid errors, it is necessary to use the “canonical” meta tag in conjunction with 301 redirects to the correct hyperlinks.

    The canonical tag issue will arise due to privacy and controlled by the search engine console. Search engine timely review the all these things about the website. If you submit the code in head section the save the change according to the website. In the case of ranking factor, we all consider canonical tag issue is normally arises when the two duplicate pages are exist.

    1. Google search console does not know the which page is included and exclude indices.
    2. Google doesn’t know what is direct link metrics or different to others.
    3. A search engine doesn’t know the which version of query aries in the search results.



    Search engine optimization has a most important task to improve the website strength like canonical tag. This tag will concern the canonical issue. It will fix through the set up the canonical tag in the header section of the website.      

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