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    Have You Launched a Corporate Blog? Now what?

    You’ve selected your blog template, picked your favorites for a blogroll and linked your social media accounts. You know that penning a blog on a regular basis will increase SEO, position your brand as an expert and give you a forum to showcase your news in a fun, informal way. But even bloggers with the best intentions sometimes run into a little problem we like to call bloggers block.

    Once you’ve covered your company basics on your blog (the who, what, where, when and how of your brand) you may be at a loss on what to write about next. Here are a few ideas to get your strategic, yet creative juices flowing:


    Share a consumer success story

    This is a great way to showcase the great work you are doing without being in sales mode. Interview your subject for interesting quotes on the emotional impact of your work, as well as how you’ve helped their bottom line.


    Review a relevant industry-related book, article or news item

    Share your thoughts on how customers can utilize key learnings in their line of work. Of course, feel free to disagree and support your case with facts, figures and your own first-hand experiences.

    Introduce your readers to an import team member 

    Who may not be the public face of the company. A five-question Q&A with a team lead or a marketer can add a human touch to your blog as well as celebrate the great contributions your employees make to your business.


    Share photos or video clips from behind-the-scenes

    Give readers an inside glimpse of the exciting things that happen at your business by documenting your company’s advertising photo shoot, manufacturing process or conference. Inject a bit of humor into your storytelling for must-read content.

    Check in with your Customer Service team

    For real-time insight into “trending” topics. Is there a question that keeps coming? A simple tip or trick that would benefit your customers? Address it with your readers on your blog. Ultimately, this can be a huge time-saver for both your customers and your employees.



    What does that mean and how does that look to you?

    With Other Bloggers 

    If you know what you’re going to be blogging about it’s very easy to find other bloggers in your same niche/category. You can search your new social sites using the same keywords and phrases that you’ll be talking about on your blog.

    This will be an ongoing thing; So, don’t worry about having to find 10 bloggers on each site that you can align with right away. However, once you do find people, you need to follow them to build the lists.


    Alignment with your mission

    Your mission if you chose to accept it is to figure out what you want to blog about. A lot of people are figuring out that they can actually make money from their blog by learning how to Cash in on their Passion. Yes, you can actually make money by blogging about what you like…something that you’re interested in.

    Most new bloggers talk about just making money online. And that’s cool…but it’s a serious niche to try and crack into if you’re brand new. And my passion is helping people find their voice and bring it to the world.

    So…homework for today. If you have a blog…leave a link below with your well thought out comment. Tell the community what your blog is all about. Yep, that’s right…drop your blog below! If you are about to launch a new one, go through DRC Web Design’s blogging guide.

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