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    Handy Tips to Monetize Your Blog and Earn More

    Working from home and earning money by managing a blog is a dream job indeed. Thousands have jumped onto the blogging train, but there are a lot of those who have gotten off midway. Though it may sound complicated, monetizing a blog is doable if you plan and work consistently. No worries, the tips down below will help you with the process.



    The Basics

    Before we get to the main course, let’s check if you’ve got the basic requirements. There are a few points that should be well thought out when planning to monetize your blog.


    Choose a Niche

    Since the number of blogs on the internet is staggering, you need to stand out from the rest. Therefore, deciding on a niche or a topic of interest that you will focus on is very important. Not knowing what to blog about is part of the process so no need to panic. To decide on a niche, you can start by listing out your interests. Then pick one that has a big enough market – you need to make sure there are enough visitors that will be interested in checking out your blog.  Last but not least, stick to your chosen niche. Readers will know what to expect from you, and they’ll come back to see what’s new.


    Create a Blog

    You can’t monetize a blog without having the blog itself. If you already have one that is currently up and running, then that’s great! If you don’t, then just follow the guide below, and you’ll have a functioning blog in no time.

    1. Get web hosting ‒ you’re in luck, you can register for free web hosting at
    2. Pick a platform for your blog ‒ building a blog can’t get any easier and faster with WordPress.
    3. Decide on a domain name ‒  a domain name represents your brand, therefore you need to come up with one that is memorable.
    4. Customize your blog ‒ design your blog with themes and plugins, making it visually appealing.
    5. Upload blog posts.


    Get Traffic

    The most critical factor for any blog and website is of course traffic. The higher the traffic you have, the more possibilities of getting a more significant income.

    So how to attract more readers?

    • Create great content ‒ consistent format, structure, and tone with useful or compelling information to make reading a pleasure for your visitors.
    • Engage with your readers ‒ make them feel welcome by communicating through the comments or posts, asking for their opinions and feedbacks.
    • Social Media promotions ‒ mention your blog and promote it through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and other social media platforms.
    • Mobile friendly blog ‒  there are billions of mobile phone users, and they mostly use it to browse the internet. And, making your blog mobile friendly can be a comfortable experience for readers.



    Success doesn’t happen overnight and generating income from blogging is no exception. You need to be consistent and patient if you want to see results, no shortcuts. Don’t compare a newly uploaded blog to one that has been around for years. You can’t expect to earn loads of money in the first few months. But don’t let that discourage you, just like the snowball effect, it’ll get bigger once it starts rolling.

    creating blog


    Money Making Tips For Your Blog

    Now that you’re all set, let’s dive in to see how you can get that passive income from your blog.


    Sell Products

    If you have a talent in art, creating products or that you’re currently running a business, why not sell your products online. Your WordPress blog can be extended to an online store on the side with the help of the WooCommerce plugin. For example, you have an interest in handcrafts like sewing, stitching, or embroidery. By having a blog, not only you’re free to write about them, but you can also sell the tools and materials, plus your finished products.


    Offer Coaching Services or Courses

    For those who have a specific set of skills and a talent in teaching, offering coaching services or uploading courses online can attract a fair amount of cash. People are always seeking help through the internet for all sorts of challenges they are facing. If you have knowledge in business, you can offer your coaching services like Vanguard Business Coaching. Or, you have the skills of playing the piano, you can set up an online course like


    Join Affiliate Programs

    If you don’t have any products or services to sell, then joining an affiliate program can be a substitute. Basically, by being an affiliate partner, you’ll be selling someone else’s products. You will be paid based on the number of clicks or sales that your visitors made through your business partner’s affiliate links. To get that, you have to write a convincing post or a call to action leading to the link. There are many affiliate programs that you can register for such as Amazon and Shopify. Or, you can search through affiliate networks like CJ affiliate and ShareASale.


    Write Paid Reviews or Sponsored Content

    If your blog is popular or has a lot of traffic, many businesses would want to work with you. You will get paid by the company or sponsor to publish articles about their products or services. The one who writes the posts can be yourself or the company, depending on the agreements. The articles can be in the form of reviews or overviews, basically introducing and informing your readers about your business partner’s products. It is similar to affiliate marketing, but you’re paid per post. Do keep in mind that with this method you need to be transparent to your readers. Tell them that it’s a paid or sponsored post at the beginning of the article. Or, you can dedicate a tab just for sponsored content. These type of articles might not be their cup of tea, and you don’t want to drive traffic away either.




    Starting a blog and mapping things out to monetize it can be rewarding as much as it is challenging. With the guide and tips above, the first step doesn’t always have to be the hardest. You just need to add a little bit of commitment and patience. Good luck!

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