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    Art of Producing Direct Marketing Copy, Design and Making the Most Out of It

    Doing direct marketing copy and design is certainly no easy task. After all, unlike the usual marketing effort, you have to be more focused on the specific individual receiving your materials. But, that does not mean that it would be insurmountable. Here are some tricks for you to make your direct marketing efforts a success.


    Creating an Approachable Copy

    In this article,’s Douglas Smith points out that one of the most important keys in crafting a direct marketing copy that actually works is that it needs to be approachable. After all, you are directly addressing individual potential customers and they want to feel assured that you really are able to provide what they are specifically looking for. Hence, it will be helpful to use a friendly tone for your copy. Another important tip here is that, instead of talking about you and your brand, talk more about the customer and how they solve particular problems.

    You also need to keep your recipient moving through the copy. A good trick to accomplish that is to use ellipses at key points to make them want more. Breaking your copy into smaller sections will also work. Of course, you want them to stop at important points. Do that by bold and underlined texts at the same time to make these points more noticeable.

    Churning out an Effective Design for your Promotional Materials

    As is with other marketing endeavors, direct marketing copy and design need to come together seamlessly to create an effective material. Here, Susan Ward says that photos are one of the most important design components that you have to make the most of. For one, don’t limit your photos to simply being used as random illustrations. Instead, turn them into effective eye catchers to draw in reader attention. You can also save yourself from having to write a ton of copy by using a single well-made photo to highlight each of the benefits of the particular offer you have. Harrison Mann, web design company in Leeds, brought fresh thoughts about user experience and well-crafted web design in this post.

    Another aspect that you need to understand when it comes to overall design is that everything should sell. Thus, carefully consider how each piece of your overall marketing material design will be taken by your recipients to further reinforce your product’s selling point. Don’t be afraid to experiment with the material’s overall look to entice interest. Since you are targeting specific people, you can package your materials in something they closely associate with. For instance, pamphlets for new DIY equipment targeted at homemakers can be put inside toolboxes.


    Going Beyond Design

    Of course, direct marketing isn’t just about designing your pamphlets and newsletters. How you actually execute your campaign will be the ultimate factor in determining whether or not the design you have carefully created actually works. Here, Bop Design says that timing the release of your marketing materials right can greatly increase the chances of your target clients actually making a purchase.

    “Every business has regular ups and downs that correspond with the seasons or with your prospects’ lifestyles. Instead of generic mailers throughout the year, brainstorm events, dates or milestones that might influence your clients’ purchasing decisions.”

    Also keep in mind that while direct marketing is in itself very effective, you can further boost that by combining it with the other marketing methods you have up your sleeves. And to know more about how to successfully integrate direct marketing copy and design into your overall marketing effort, feel free to contact us today.

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