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    Blogging Trends To Keep You On Top In 2022

    Blogging is one of the most common online activities that attract both amateur writers and highly proficient writing professionals. Millions of digital contributors are active on the Internet, covering almost every topic you can imagine – from lifestyle to nuclear physics, you can find it all online.

    However, this also means that it’s very challenging to get the foot in the door and become a distinguished blogger. It takes a genuine expert to keep creating attractive blog posts week after week and constantly rank high in search engine results.

    You just have to follow the latest principles of digital writing in order to become a key opinion leader in your niche. If this is your goal, keep reading our post to learn seven blogging trends that can help you reach the top in 2022.

    1. Write Long-Form Articles

    In case you haven’t noticed, blog posts are getting longer and more analytical. In the sea of articles, you can only distinguish yourself by publishing long-form content that covers a specific topic from all points of view.

    A study reveals that the ideal length of a blog post is approximately 1.6 thousand words. It doesn’t mean that every article has to reach the same word count, but it is definitely better to show readers that you take things seriously and write all-encompassing posts.

    For instance, Backlinko is one of the most popular blogs dedicated to digital marketing because they publish highly comprehensive studies. Instead of creating short and ephemeral content every day, they make large articles once or twice a month and generate thousands of likes, shares, and comments.

    1. Add Multimedia Formats

    A blog is a textual medium and it must rely on written content primarily. However, you can add a little spice to it by using multimedia formats such as images, infographics, animations, or videos.

    Jake Gardner, a member of the writing service team in charge of digital marketing, says these elements can only augment and improve an article: “The point is not to burden your posts with tons of photos or videos, but rather to position those components strategically in order to support textual statements.”

    YouTube is filled with amazing videos that you can embed in your articles, while a tool like Canva allows even beginner-level designers to create outstanding visuals for their websites.

    1. SEO Is Still a Big Thing

    If you believe SEO is not a big thing in 2022, just check out this stat – 93% of all traffic comes from a search engine. To put it simply, optimizing your content the best way you can is still the basic precondition for a successful blog.

    It all begins with keywords, so make sure to find the most relevant search phrases and their synonyms for each topic individually. Lots of apps and programs can help you with this, including Google Keyword Planner and WordStream’s Keyword Tool.

    You also need to take care of metadata, particularly the following elements:

    • Title tag: It’s the first thing a user sees in engine results, so you have to make it perfect.

    • Meta description: This part of the text is placed below a title tag and it must be concise and keyword-rich.

    • Alt tag: If you want search engines to recognize your images, don’t forget to write alternative text tags.

    1. Increase Page Load Speed

    Internet users are spoiled and they demand nothing but maximum efficiency. A typical website visitor expects a page to load in less than three seconds, which means you need to increase load speed and make your blog super-fast.

    As always, there are many online platforms that can assist you in improving your website. One of those tools is Pingdom, a simple program that analyzes page load speed and gives recommendations on how to improve it. You only need to enter a URL to the search box and Pingdom will quickly display the result along with the corresponding instructions.

    1. Use Tools to Ensure Quality

    Writing a high-quality post is difficult, but doing the same thing all over again is a different kind of challenge. Most authors are struggling to maintain the same level of quality in the long run, which is why they rely on digital tools to simplify the process.

    It’s pretty much impossible to discuss every tool there is, but we do need to mention a few basic options:

    • Grammarly: Content creators must know Grammarly, the most popular proofreading plugin globally.

    • Assignment Help: A team of professional authors can give you valuable content suggestions or even help you to write the entire article.

    • Headline Analyzer: Titles attract readers and CoSchedule built a platform to help you create better headlines.

    • Evernote: If idea generation is your pain point, then make sure to try Evernote.

    1. Don’t Neglect Email Newsletters

    Emails are an ancient digital marketing technique that still drives engagement and inspires subscribers to take action. A study reveals that marketers who invest $1 in email campaigns gain $32 in return. In such circumstances, you simply cannot afford to neglect email newsletters as the means to promote your blog.

    Do it consistently and create a schedule of activities. The best solution is to send newsletters weekly because it’s frequent enough and it doesn’t burden recipients too much. This is the easiest way to approach fans who don’t visit your blog regularly and build stronger relationships with potential customers.

    1. Always Include a CTA

    Speaking of customers, this tip directly affects the conversion potential of your blog. You can write the best article ever but it won’t matter unless you include a call to action (CTA). It’s the only way to keep the audience tied to your blog and give them a concrete task after reading. A lot of options are possible here:

    • Invite users to subscribe to your newsletter.

    • Encourage people to read another post.

    • Ask them to like, share, or comment on your article.

    • Suggest them to download an eBook or an infographic.

    • Convince them to buy a product in case you are selling something.


    Blogging is the oldest content creation model in the digital universe, but it still keeps changing after all those years. Only the most flexible and creative authors are able to stay on top for a long time, so you have to follow the state of the art tactics in order to keep pace with the best bloggers.

    In this article, we showed you seven blogging trends that could help you reach the top in 2022. Keep them in mind and use them in your everyday work – they can make you a genuine start of the blogging world.

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