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    Biggest Lies About Making Money Online

    This article consists of a compiled list of lies about the painful mistakes and myths on making money online.

    People lie. It’s a fact of life. Deal with it. Marketers lie, gurus, lie, many folks who are into making money online lie. Even JohnChow lied. They do so for a variety of reasons. Some do it because they want to make you think that it’s easy to make money online so that they can sell you something. However, others do it to discourage you so that you don’t end up competing with them. In fact, I am guilty of some of it myself. That’s just the way this market works today. I don’t lie, but it is part of my business as well to use verbiage that entices people to click.

    Below are some of the exposed biggest lies about making money online.

    People don’t always say the truth. That’s the truth, so face it and digest it, that isn’t much you can do about it. In the world of Internet Marketing or Affiliate Marketing, this happens even more often. Almost every sales page out there has some amount of hype and verbiage bordering on, if not directly stating lies. Why do they do it? Well, you really should know that by now, they want you to buy their product. Even if they offer a money back guarantee, they know that there is a very very small chance that you will go back to them and ask for your money back. When you enter this field of Internet Marketing, you ought to know what these lies and avoid anyone stating anything like that like a plague!


    Lie #1. It is Easy

    The number one (1) lie is that it is easy. IT IS NOT. They tell you this only to entice you into buying. You can believe what I am saying or try the next five Internet Marketing Strategy products and see hardly any results that are even close to what the gurus promise and then know for yourself. The truth is, making money online is one of the hardest things you’ll ever do. You’re used to your 9 to 5 job and that’s all you’ve ever known. This is a whole new world and because of that, it’s not easy. There is a big learning curve. Don’t forget that.


    Lie #2. Make Money Online Fast (Get Rich Quick)

    The second lie is that making money online is fast. I think you have heard about the fuss on getting Rich Quick. Offline businesses typically take years to break even and eventually make a profit. So why would it be so different online? It’s not. Yes, it’s a little easier because there isn’t as much overhead, but it’s still something that is going to take a lot of time. Moreover, there is often more competition online owing to the smaller barrier to entry to compensate and thus making the same amount of profits just as hard. The gurus say you can do it quickly because again, they want your money.

    It will take at least a year of dedicated work before most will see any kind of a sustainable income if ever. It can be done much faster than that but it’s important to be conservative in your expectations otherwise you may become disenchanted and quit.

    Capital can certainly affect your startup time… if you have the capability to purchase a website that already makes money then your ramp-up time is considerably less but the majority of people seeking online money are starting with little to no money. $49.99 isn’t the kind of capital I am talking about either…a website that has enough income to make a living from will sell well into the 5 figure range, in fact, 12x monthly earnings is a commonly accepted multiplier although I caution you to not take that as gospel.


    Lie #3. Don’t Need To Know Anything To Make Money Online

    The third lie is that you don’t need to know anything to make money online. This one is the FARTHEST from the truth. You do need to know a lot. The lesser you know, the more time it is going to take you to get NOTHING something that can make you millions knowing nothing.

    Maybe the gurus are really trying to say that you can learn quickly. But there again, you need to have the aptitude to learn quickly. So even that is nothing. Whichever way you look at it, you are going to have to know or learn quickly to succeed. Another option is to hire people to do it for you, but you have got to have deep pockets for that and get lucky with your vendors because if you don’t know what you are doing, they are likely to take you for a ride as well. This market is tough. Not nearly as easy as they say.


    Lie #4. Make Money Online Without A Plan

    The fourth big lie is that you can make money online without any kind of a plan. That’s right. All you need to do it make a college essay help online website and watch your bank account. Again, a huge lie. I personally have been into this pitfall when I first started toying with making money from the Internet So, it does not happen automatically. You need a proper plan. You need to decide what business you’re going to get into. You need to decide how many hours a day you’ll work at it, how much you plan to spend on advertising, how much you hope to earn yearly, and so on. Everything must be planned out or you’re looking for trouble.


    Lie #5. Anyone Can Make Money Online

    The optimist in me would like to think that anyone can do it but the simple facts are this…not everyone can. Not everyone has the personality, temperament, skills, determination, drive or any of the many essential traits required to be successful. It is important for you to assess whether working at a computer for hours on end with little to no social interaction with co-workers is for you. Do you have the patience to start slow but build your empire brick by brick or are you the type of person that demands instant gratification. Do you need to be part of a team? Can you drive yourself to produce day in and day out with no supervisor?

    I am positive of one thing and that is simply this, you will positively fail to make any money online if you don’t try. If you sit there staring at your screen for hours reading about what everyone else is doing and not taking action then you are guaranteed to fail. The single biggest trait that separates those who make money from those who don’t…is the willingness to act on their ideas or plans.


    Lie #6. It’s FREE To Do Business Online

    It should be better to be changed to, “It doesn’t cost MUCH to do business online’, then it would be completely accurate. Compared with building a store or leasing office space in downtown New York, Internet business start-up and maintenance costs are incredibly low. Once setup is complete, the only ongoing costs you’ll have are your Internet connection, continuing education, and advertising costs. But still those recurring costs are not FREE and who is going to pay for your time that you spend on the Internet to research and promote your online business?

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