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    A List Of Top 10 Best Free Blogging Platforms!


    In the present time, almost every marketer is constantly engaged in blogging due to its endless opportunities. It is like driving a car that anyone can learn to hit the road of success. Whether you’re planning to grow your business or you want to share your inspiring thoughts to the rest of the world, blogging is the best way to make it possible. That’s why in this post we will talk about some worthy blogging platform that anyone can explore to read and write compelling and engaging content in record time.

    1. WordPress

    wordpress |

    Undoubtedly, WordPress is an easy-to-use professional blogging platform that is enabling users to manage the blog from anywhere. Any user can easily create a new blog post without any installation over WordPress. You will not need to learn HTML or any difficult coding. In fact, it has a ready-made system to facilitate user to create posts.

    Additionally WordPress offer free plugin and security updates to secure your content. So explore this search engine favorite platform today and build your own customized blog in the easiest way.


    1. Blogger

    blogger |

    If you want to create a unique and beautiful blog, then Blogger is the right choice. This veteran platform will empower you to publish your passion your way easily for free. Yes, you can create a beautiful blog that fits your style by selecting easy to use templates. Blogger will also facilitate you with a built-in analyzer to track your potential audience.

    In addition, it will provide you earning opportunity so that you will get paid for your hard work. Thus engage this Google platform in your creative writing session to earn income by posting your passion.


    1. Tumblr

    Tumblr |

    It is really a great platform to easily make a blog and post anything from anywhere. Any newbie could easily start and run a Tumblr blog to create interesting content. Tumblr will also help you to find other blogs as well as promote your content such as blog posts, quotes, images, videos and so on. By signing up on Tumblr, you will get a sub-domain like to share your beautiful thoughts.  Moreover, Tumblr will facilitate you with a lot of design, plugins, and extension.


    1. Medium

    Medium |

    Medium is nonstop blogging platform that provides content that matters. At Medium every user has a story to share and this is why it has grown in popularity. This is because regularly thousands of people share their ideas and perspectives via Medium.

    With Medium, you can also discover and follow blogs that matter to you every day.  Furthermore, Medium has introduced extremely easy to use features to publish great posts instantly.


    1. Ghost

    ghost blogging |

    This is a non-profit content publishing platform for professional people. Ghost is an open opportunity for a journalist to build and run an innovative online publication. It’s offering a downloadable version for free therefore its best platform for the passionate publisher. If you’re looking for a suitable platform for SEO purpose, then you can rely on it for rapid growth in the online market.

    So don’t forget to use this newest and fast track platform to share your creative writing skills with the potential audience.

    1. Squarespace

    squarespace |

    Yes, Squarespace is all in one online platform to reach and grow audience speedily. It will facilitate you with a wide range set of blogging tools so that you could easily interact with your audience and grow your following. Squarespace enables millions of users to stand out from the crowd to show their content to a potential audience.

    It will also help you to create and simply share your content on Facebook and Twitter. Thus, if you want to grow your follower’s list ultimately, then you must engage in square space.


    1. Wix

    wix |

    By Wix, anyone could easily build a website or blog even if s/he has zero design and development skills. This techy platform offers numerous features in term of stunning blog building. Of course, it will benefit you with everything that you need to create a stunning blog including free beautiful and stylish designer made templates.

    Moreover, Wix offers 24/7 customer support to make your blog creating experience easier than ever. Therefore explore this online platform right away to make a stunning blog yourself with easy drag and drop features.


    1. Yola

    yola |

    If you have an extraordinary plan for your blog, then Yola is the best choice as it will enable you to create a professional blog in minutes. With Yola, it’s become easy to generate more audience and grow popularity online. You can also grow your popularity online in minutes by Yola easy to use options. Yola provides a powerful and flexible feature to create, edit content online with HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.

    Furthermore, you can pick professional designs to customize your blog in a catchy manner. So, connect with Yola anytime to make a free blog and grow your online presence professionally.


    1. Contentful

    Contentful |

    It is a leading content management system that is benefiting bloggers across the world. Contentful will speed up your content generation process with powerful and user-friendly options. Currently, it’s benefiting bloggers with an innovative application that facilitates editors to rapidly create unique content on any platform.

    With Contentful, you can work on multi projects easily with nonstop expert’s advice. This is why it’s essential for you to discover this content management system to truly simplify your blogging experience.


    1. Jekyll

    Jekyll |

    This is a powerful online platform to simply transform content into the static blog in seconds. You can also import your busted blog for use with Jekyll for free. By engaging on Jekyll you will not need to learn database because its features allow you to create a blog step by step from scratch.

    Additionally Jekyll support bloggers with unique and helpful lightweight tools for the best results. If you want your leads to follow you, then you must start work with Jekyll.

    In the end, it could be said now that this post will help you to identify the right blogging forum. Share this information with your followers, as well to facilitate them in the best possible method.

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