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    7 Techniques To Get People Talking About Your Blog Post

    Blogging can be boring, exhausting and even discouraging when you receive little or no feedback at all. The reason behind blogging is to educate your relevant audience and get them talking about various topics. Comments are good for SEO rankings and status uplifting. Those few comments won’t place you in a reputable position that you so much desire. However, this is not the end of things for you! I have some pretty awesome tips to get people commenting not only on a single post but for the next 20 or so posts that you publish.


    #1 The ultimate ending

    After having put so much effort in explaining the concepts of your title, it’s time to challenge the reader with some questions. Remember your target is to get the insightful helpful comments that can lift you up to the next level. These can only be driven by a well-thought and formulated question. Compare these two comments and tell me which is better:

    “A well-researched post”. I like how you explain the importance of digital marketing. Keep up with the good work”.

    “Thanks for the post.”

    Both are comments, yes, but the first one is encouraging and highlights some key areas the writer did well. Such are the kind of comments I’m talking about here. During formulating the questions, you need to think yourself as the reader then think about a question which can really encourage you to comment. Ask for their opinion; give open-ended questions or just comparisons with a “why” at the end. General questions are better at getting much attention and feedback.

    #2 Publish a controversial post

    Both you and I can agree that mediocrity stinks. Being ordinary and normal is boring. Posting the same usual content is mediocrity and with the competition out there, mediocrity has no room. Once in a while, it’s good to give your audience some controversial post that breaks the monotony. Assault the normal trends and look for a controversial belief or myth in your field then argue for or against it. Disagreeing with such a common belief will definitely get people talking. Most of them will try and convince you into how wrong you whereas some will agree with you. All you have to do is think very well about your subject and engage your readers in a well-thought manner so that they’re convinced about your crafted piece. Such topics as “why a social media policy is stupid” can easily achieve lots of commenting. Also, don’t be afraid to promote the things you love. For example, perhaps you’ve taken an awesome training course (like the ASM amazon selling machine) — don’t be afraid to shout about it! There’s nothing wrong with a shameless plug, once in a while.



    #3 Make it easy for them to comment

    People hate it when they have to go through a lot of hassle just to leave some insightful comment (that you so much require). Remove barriers such as spam filters, verification, log-in requirements and so on. These will just discourage people from commenting on your posts. Make sure the comment box is well placed just after the blog/ CTA’s so that the readers access it easily and fast. Just include the name, email and comment fields. This isn’t a questionnaire we’re filling here, it’s a comment that you always dream of.

    #4 Engage them by asking for their contributions, ideas or suggestions

    This is especially helpful if you have subdivided your content into a numbered list such as the one I have here. It could also apply for posts that have been divided into subheadings. Now, the trick here is to leave out some common pointers and asking your audience to contribute to your post. That way, you can be sure to receive some audience contributions. Use an appealing tone to convince them to contribute their opinions in the comment box. You may also ask for professional opinions about certain topics that you’re passionate about. Ask fellow artists to help you come up with a design (describe it a little) that’s been nagging you. Remember you also don’t want to look like “the know-it-all” type. People appreciate and love others who tend to be interested in knowing some concept especially from a first-hand source.

    #5 Reply to their comments

    This is a trick that I have personally adopted myself. Every once in a while, I go back to my posts and interact with my audience by replying to their comments. Besides the good feeling that comes along with being appreciated for your comments, the reader feels knows that they’re actually reading a post from a fellow human being. Courtesy dictates that when you’re given something, you reciprocate with an action. Don’t underestimate the need of replying to your reader’s comments. Regardless of whether it’s an elaboration, question, a simple “it was an amazing” comment or whatever the reader says, just say something back. They are waiting for you to reply. Clarify that point and engage your reader in a personal, more specific area of your comment. They will always look up for you articles to read and comment. All bloggers should know that replying to an audience’s comment shows how much we care and need their comments.



    #6 Comment on other bloggers works

    We usually talk about leading by example which is usually just another preacher of wine who takes water. Why should we have people commenting on our blogs if we don’t really comment in the larger blogging community? Does this mean we don’t read similar blogs in the larger community? I hardly agree with this thought. We also read what other bloggers say about our various topics. It is basic research and information hunting. We as the ‘leaders’ should comment well-thought and formulated comments so that our audience can follow the same trend. This is especially important when you intend to add some links to our blogs.  You’ll end up garnering some more visitors to your blog if you leave a sensible comment which they wouldn’t confuse for spam. Online traffic is very important because, without it, people will never get to read your blog leave alone commenting on it. The author of that site may feel obliged to return the favor. Alternatively, you can feature another writer’s blog in yours. The working is all the same.

    #7 Take the discussion social

    Social media’s influence is just exceptional. It is unlike any other and bloggers should have known that by now. It’s expected that every blogger has various social media pages in which fans and followers are familiar with. This being the case, we should make use of these platforms to ask for reader comments. Simply share the topics and the links to the various blog posts that you have then ask your followers to comment or give their opinions about them. Get creative and use some unique appealing words to get people talking about your post. Words such as “would love to hear from you, please leave your feedback!” can be very persuasive and encouraging.

    Garnering some hundred comments or so isn’t as simple as it appears on the face value. It requires some effort and I certainly believe that these tips will be handy for you as you seek to improve your blog SEO rankings and grow your brand online. Wish you all the best as you choose from the above expert tips on how to get the next 1000+ comments on your blog.  If you encounter problems generating high-quality content to get you these 1000+ comments on your blog, choose any of these online reviews to help you generate the content you need.

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