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    6 Easiest Ways to Be Creative While Writing the Content for Your Blog

    The thing about the proliferation of social media is that everyone has the power to publish at the tips of their finger. That might all seem well and good, but for the fact that the world is not short on people with lofty ambitions and limited capability. Combine that with an overdose of confidence and you get what is evident all over the internet: a sea of unremarkable writing. There isn’t a shortage of talent out there either, as there are many people with genuine talent and bona fide hit blogs. What this means for an aspiring blogger is that there is too much competition. Consequently, in spite of talent, one misstep will see you bundled with the wannabe’s; not a pretty position to be in. You will be surprised to learn that once you have interesting content, the difference between writing an “OK” blog and a writing a “WHOA!!” blog is not as big as the results. In fact, below are some creative tips that you may use to upgrade your blog from regular to remarkable.




    1. Open with your most powerful sentence

    The first line should be the hook that your reader swallows in your reading and it should be strong enough to carry them through the rest of the paragraphs. That aside, the introductory sentence of any paragraph should also serve to inform what the paragraph holds for the reader. Once could take the opening sentence to be a:

    1. Quote
    2. Rhetorical Question
    3. Statistic
    4. Anecdote



    2. Adopt opposing perspectives

    If yours is a blog that you have been online with for any length of time, chances are that you have already established your view on certain issues in your writing and your audience knows this. To keep your work creative and to offer you more to write about in a creative manner, take the opposite perspective the next time you put up a post. Alternatively, you could discuss and examine the two opposing positions to any article and give your views based on research and facts, not our personal views.


    3. Photo stories

    The conventional way of narrating stories usually involves words, words, and more words. However, for people who want to go the extra mile in creativity while writing their blog post contents, it is not enough to merely tell a story. They have to say it in style and they have to tell it differently to others. This is useful for breaking the monotony of reading, but it is especially useful for blogs that discuss sophisticated material. Photographs are more easily understandable as compared to words while describing sophisticated features. You could also incorporate inspirational photographs in the video to keep your readership motivated.




    4. Tell stories of success

    Everyone likes a happy ending, probably the reason why motivational speaking is such a hit since it is usually a person who perceives themselves as having attained a certain level of success telling their story. You as a blogger could take the same approach and tell stories of people who have surmounted huge odds to achieve success. Tell your audience how the said person went about their journey so that they see that it is truly not beyond them. Every success story has its own unique twists and turns and you do not even have to embellish excessively to make them interesting.


    5. Make your post unique

    The matters that interest humanity are mostly the same in most cases. You will realize that in most cases it is highly likely that there is an online article on the exact same topic that you are pursuing. What actions should one take in such circumstances, you ask? It is simple: own your content. Find a new way of telling the story that has already been told. Apply some tweaks to the story so that it is clearly identifiable to you by your leadership. Alternatively, you could stick with the same topic, but tell your version of the story from a unique angle. This allows you room to explore aspects that are previously unexplored and you are likely to find great success with it since you are setting the bar, anyway.




    6. Focus on feedback from your audience

    Not listening to your audience is more reckless than writing your letter of application for a job and not proofreading it. It is tantamount to setting yourself up for failure by leaving too much to chance. Additionally, paying attention to your audience is the only way you can be sure to write content that is completely relevant. Look at it this way; if one reader has felt strongly enough to write back about an idea, be it a question or comment, they are probably just representative of a bigger percentage of your audience. It is also a sure way never to run out of ideas to write on since the audience will always be there.


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