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    5 Tested Methods on How to Turn Blogging into a Career

    Blogging is a great way of expressing and sharing your inner thoughts with the outer world. Most people do it as a hobby, but if you are really passionate about it you may easily turn it into a profitable career. Let’s say, for example, that you are a mom with two children who’s looking to start her own business. Blogging might be your best option because at the same time you can take care of your children.

    Blogging offers you the opportunity to earn money while sharing your meaningful moments with the world. Is there something better than this?

    5 Tested Methods that Will Help You Turn Blogging into a Fruitful Career

    1. Be Specific

    In order to turn blogging into a money-making machine, you must, first of all, analyze your target audience. Therefore, focus on finding out who your main audience is and what exactly your business will offer in order to solve problems or fulfill needs. Writing about a multitude of topics is not really indicated, so make sure you find a topic that you are interested about and focus on it.

    Once you have decided which topic you will approach is time to think about a strategy to lure the desired readers. Tools like Social Animal can be very helpful when trying to do an in-depth research about what is trending right now.

    2. Connect with Your Fellow Bloggers

    After you have taken care of all the details, it’s networking time. Knowing more and more people will aid you a lot in your future career as a blogger. If you wish to meet other bloggers you may attend blogger events in your country or work together with other online writers. Learning from bloggers who already made a name for themselves is very useful, and you should take advantage of this “shortcut”.

    3. It’s Important to be Consistent

    Consistency is very important. In order to maintain the attention of your followers, you must post on a daily basis. If you do not post every day, make sure to schedule posts every 3 days. The schedule must be respected if you wish to transform your blog into an income source.

    Steven Leung, a professional writer at Resumes Planet, shares his thoughts: “The thing is that each of us has the potential of becoming a writer. Yet, in order to become a successful writer, you must constantly work on your skills. Mastering the art of writing is a lifetime process. A writer is someone who observes the world and shares his view with other people. Remember, consistency is what turns an amateur blog into a business.“

    4. Develop New Skills

    While creating and maintaining your blog, you might start to learn some new skills. Every post that you write may include an image. Is that image unique? Probably not. So, you may attend a course or learn by yourself how to edit photos and how to add your unique touch to them. You can easily attend an online course, so you don’t even have to leave your house in order to learn this extremely useful skill.

    5. Search for Blogging Jobs

    As a writer, if you wish to start blogging and don’t know where to start, there are always blogging jobs that might fit your desires. As a freelancer, you get the chance of creating your own working hours. You may use platforms like Upwork to create a profile and start looking for blogging jobs.

    Being a freelancer is extremely convenient because you are working from the comfort of your home. You can even use the freelance job as a training for your future blogger career.


    As you may see, turning blogging into a career is not such a hard thing to do. You just need to be persistent and passionate about it. Remember; your posts should always be valuable and unique. Your attainment depends entirely on your dedication and your will to succeed.

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