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    5 Lead Generation Strategies You Should Know

    Hello friends, today I am going to tell you some lead generation strategies. If you are thinking about what it is? Or how it can help you. Then read the whole article I Will answer all your questions one by one.

    What is Lead?

    According to me “Lead is a metric related to business. This metric helps to measures how many people have expressed their interest in getting more information about a service or a product, that is being offered by the business’s website.”

    In simple words,

    Lead generation is a method to attract and convert qualified prospects to fill the sales funnel. Lead generation campaign can be done by different methods. But the goal is usually the same: collect a user’s email address and follow up with lead nurturing.

    So, Here in this article, I am going to tell you 5 Lead Generation Strategies You Should Know. So, let’s start:

    1. Search Engine Optimization

    This is one of the best methods to generate leads. According to Google. They perform 40,000 Searches per second. Which is Quite huge, Means 3.5 billion searches in a day. So, how search engine optimization is going to help you? SEO Means Optimizing your site to rank in google. And Suppose your site is about “best gaming laptop” and the number of searches performed daily for this thing is 10k. So, if your site is on the 1st position. the, Your Site will Get all your client directly to your site. And the best thing is that. The user who will land on your site will purchase your product for sure. because They are searching for that.

    2. Direct Mail

    Direct mailing system is another easy and reliable method to sell your products, generate sales leads, follow up inquiries and get more business from current customers. It allows you to present every benefit of your product or service over those of your competition in a manner that’s 100% consistent. But for this method, you have to reach out to the right people at the right time with a good offer and message. For Example, In the month of December, You are giving 50% off on your product which can be used in summer. SO, It will not work. First, You have To create A strategy And you have to brainstorm about the key features of your product. Reaching out to the right audience is the main game.

    3. Referral System

    Referral method Or Affiliate in other word is the most used method to increase sale. There are hundreds of referral systems you can use. You can allow bloggers some percentage on each sale and blogger knows very-well to convert viewers into clients. What you have to is to reach out a blogger who belong to your niche and tell your offer. Referral systems make your life easier and more professional, and bring higher profits with increased customer loyalty. If you are selling like ebook you can give access to first 5 page of the ebook for a trail. Or you can also limit them for some days.

    4. Circle of Leverage

    The most important method or step is to approach right people. Means you cannot sell a fridge to the people of Alaska. You have to target Asian people to sell refrigerator. What I Am trying to say is to reach out the correct people. The people who will be interested in your product. This approach will help you cut through bureaucracy, identify the people you most need to see. You can do this with the help of Social media. You can join different types of Facebook groups related to your business and tell them very skillfully about your product.

    5. Accept and Do Guest Post

    Contact some famous blogger In your Filed And Tell Them To write an article on your product blog. This will build a faith in viewers.

    If you can have a guest post from famous bloggers and influencers you will get a quality article. Moreover, after publishing the post they will share the article on their network. You can expect to get some leads from their audience.

    And If you reach ou blogger and ask them to put an article about your product on their blog. This will also help you.

    Suppose You have a tool related to SEO. So, what you have to do is to reach out the people like Niel Patel, Matthew Woodward. And tell them about your product and give them a trail of your product to review it.

    Some other Methods

    As I told You Above. Give full access to your product features to well-respected bloggers and industry experts is the best way to get free promotion and additional leads. All you need to do just find the bloggers and influencers, communicate with them and offer them a full access to your product. All you should ask in return is an honest review of your product.

    It may cost you few bucks but if they like your product, they will promote it on their social network and you will also get an expert endorsement.

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