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    5 Different Types Of Link Building Tactics You Should Apply In 2019

    AS we already know that Google still uses Pagerank to rank a webpage. So, If you want to rank your page on top 10 results you must acquire links or build links. Now, link building is not an easy task if you don’t know how to build. Nowadays Link building has become complicated. There are man ways you can gain link of your site. But, All links are not equal and all links are not good for your site. You have to build trust in Google eye if you want to rank for the long term. You should always follow long-term strategy because it’s pay off. I hate the black hate technique. But I love white hat and a little bit grey hat technique. So, in this guide, I will tell you 5 different types of effective link building tactics that you can apply for your site.


    1. Guest Post:

    The no 1 method I love to gain link using guest blogging. Doing guest blogging you will get high-quality contextual links. Contextual link from a good quality authority site is powerful. You have to reach to the site owner who is accepting guest post. If your content and topic is good then there are high chances your post will be accepted. Research the topic before pitching for guest posting. Otherwise, the site owner is not gonna accept your shit content. Most of the people do the same mistake. You should avoid it.


    2. Outreach:

    My second method is email outreach. You can find relevant content by doing a simple Google search or you can also find a competitor link profile using a commercial link checker tool. For example, I use Ahrefs to check my competitor link profile. Write something better than your competitor. Now reach out to the site owner and tell them you have written better content and ask for the link out your post. Here is a little tip: Before asking for a link, try to build a relationship with the site owner or blog author. It will increase the chances of getting your pitch accepted.


    3. Broken Link Building:

    It’s my favorite link building tactics. There are so many SEO guys who already know that but they ignore this method. I would say broken link building is best, effective and easiest way to get high-quality links. You can find broken links using Ahrefs. You have to write about this topic and reach the site owner. Always make sure your content is better than the previously linked content. You can check this broken link building guide to do this faster. I have been doing broken link building since 2015. My success rate is 4-5%.


    4. Relevant Forum Post:

    Some peoples may be told you forum post is not working. Nowadays peoples are afraid to build forum link. But, the truth is forum link is still working. But, you have to follow a few things to get links from a forum or community. Don’t join a forum or any discussion community to just get a link. Instead, help the community member by answering their question. Avoid signature link from a forum and don’t repeat your keyword again and again. Over-optimized Anchor text will get you down in SERP(Search engine ranking position). If you join for getting a link then forum admin will ban you for sure.


    5. Infographics:

    Building links by creating an infographic is a smart technique. You have to first brainstorm the idea. You have represented the topic visually. People love visual content like me. Create an infographic in any particular topic which is tough to understand easily. So, if you create about this topic your blog reader will able to understand and they will also share with their blog reader. You can provide embed code to share or publish this infographic others site. One thing keeps in mind that your design should be unique. Here is the guide to get backlinks with guestographics.


    Final Words:

    In these way, you can gain reputation on the web. Apply these tactics on your website and let me know your experience and your success rate. I highly recommend you to follow this method. These link building tactics still work in 2018. So, you can do the same what your competitors are doing. Always mix up your link profile, don’t build same types of link again and again.

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