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Blogging industry is expanding every day. People enter this industry to earn money. But most of them face failure just because they don’t know that Blogging is an Art. It’s a form of Art that require some specific tools to make it popular and to shine. Although it requires lots of hard work along with that, it asks for some smart work too.

When asked from a successful blogger, they agree on a particular statement that Tools need to be used in order to grow. Hundreds of blogging tools are there, for instance, graphic design computer software, attractive tittle creator and other SEO related tools.

Among those hundreds of tools, we have created a list of top 4 best blogging tools that will help you to grow your websites. Apart from this, some of the tools are free but for some, you have to pay a bit. So, to avoid those charges for new bloggers we will be suggesting some free tools that will work very similar to the premium tools.


4 Essential Blogging Tools

Headline Analyzer

While writing any content no matter what niche it is. The most important aspect of a website is its content and for content, its headline or Topics play a very vital role in SEO or we can say attracting viewers. Headline Analyzer is an amazing tool that will study your headline/topic and will let you know its score out of 100. Headline Analyzer tool, analyze the title on the basis of usage of words. By using this app, you can get a good CTR.

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But in order to use heading analyzer, it is important that you must have an idea about your content. If you are clear about your next contents and you already have its plots then It is quite easy for you to analyze your desired topic quickly. Otherwise, you will be facing several questions regarding your blog post’s topic. This may lead you to give some inappropriate topic to your high-quality content.


Blog topic generator 

Blog Topic Generator is a content idea tool. If you ran out of ideas about the next content that you should publish on your web then, Blog topic generator is a perfect tool for you. You just need to enter a keyword and there will be hundreds of ideas listed in just a few seconds. Look, it was so easy. You must try this tool to maintain a consistency on the website.


Hemingway App

You have assigned a catchy title to your content and had written an informative content too. But if your content has some grammar errors or some sort of language error then, Hemingway App is a savior for you. Using Hemingway App you can identify the flaws in your content and can improve the quality of the content.

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You should try it once if you aren’t struggling to create interesting blog posts for your website from a very long time.  Sometimes a well-written article seems boring due ample of errors. Hemingway App can rectify them for you in just a few clicks and can help you to connect with your readers more deeply and fluently.


Flickr Advanced search

Content is ready and doesn’t have any flaw. But according to several studies, a blog performs well if its content has relevant high-quality images. Now while getting images for your web make sure you don’t break any law or avoid copy paste images from other’s blog. Those little mistakes can lead to unwanted copyright claims. So, to avoid all these issues and to make sure that blog post must have some high-quality images, you should try Flickr Advance search.

It is a website that has thousands of free images on almost every subject. You can use Flickr to create your web more interesting.  As mentioned above, if a blog post is having relative high-quality images then it performs well on search engine platforms. Flickr gives you a platform where you have the liberty to use their largest database of images wisely categorized and perfectly managed.

All right, so this was a list of top 4 blogging tools that will help you to expand your websites overseas and will help you to increase your revenue.

Aashirvad Kumar
Aashirvad Kumar is a full-time blogger, Digital Marketer and Founder of Tele Trick Mania. Computing is my passion and enjoys learning new tips and tricks related to technology.

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