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    11 Ways to Boost Your Blogs Traffic

    As a blog owner, marketer, or entrepreneur, you surely understand the necessity of traffic. After all, traffic is the equivalent of store shoppers. If you think about it, every physical store is doing its best to make the customer feel good while shopping. Additionally, every small businessman is actively preoccupied to spread the word about his brand.

    Blogging and digital marketing are not so different. You need to go through the same processes, targeting the behavior and mindset of the internet user. But it’s not just an internet user – it is your ideal target audience member or your “target persona”.

    Every blog should define its target audience before even attempting to market its content and offers. That can be done through an extensive audience defining/selection process, a process that should always be prioritized before the actual promotion efforts begin.

    Nevertheless, once you know who you’re addressing, it’s time to plan our your strategies and put your tricks into implementation. In today’s post, I’m sharing 11 ways to boost your blog’s traffic like professionals do. Pay attention and apply!


    Focus on Quality over Quantity

    If you want to stand out from the crowd in today’s competitive blogging marketplace, focusing on quality over quantity in everything you do is strongly suggested.

    Here’s what you should do: every time you create a plan, a strategy, or you’re going to take action, make sure that your final result will be remarkable and exceptional. Make it unique if not original, but don’t you ever sacrifice quality in favor of quantity.


    Write Longer and Better Content

    Writing longer content (because it ranks better in Google and gets more social shares) is simple. You simply go for 1500+ words instead of 800.

    However, “better content” is extremely hard. Everyone’s trying to do it better, so how are you going to achieve that yourself?

    In case you’re not a super exceptional writer and you want to focus on other aspects of your business, I’d highly suggest you seek professional help. Academic writers are usually reliable professionals who can get any blogging job done (writing, proofreading, editing, polishing, etc.). Some places that I personally know to “hold” great writers are:

    Improve your content’s quality and your blogging results will quickly improve.


    Leverage Small Social Influencers

    Influencer marketing is an exceptional way to acquire additional targeted traffic. Here’s a strategy I often use:

    Seek 5-10 small social influencers (5,000 – 15,000 ACTIVE followers). You need to choose pages that receive a lot of engagement (comments, likes, shares, etc.)

    Contact each of these influencers separately and congratulate them on their achievements. Ask them if they are willing to share your content with their audience, mentioning a fee and the justification that your information will be beneficial to their audience.


    Forum Marketing for Traffic and Reputation

    Forum marketing is a very underrated method of generating free and almost effortless traffic, on a passive mode, for a longer period of time.

    I call them seeds… the comments and the replies that you leave on a niche-related forum have the potential of generating long-term traffic as long as they’re qualitative and relevant. Here are some tips:

    • Seek the top 5 forums in your niche and start contributing with useful advice.
    • Your profile name should be your brand’s name.
    • If the forums allow for it, create a signature that links directly to your blog.
    • Add links to useful posts from your blog whenever it truly serves the conversation.


    Q&A Platforms

    You can get free and passive traffic (the same way you get from forum marketing) by performing the same content marketing strategy by HR management software in Q&A platforms. The most popular ones, for now, are Quora and Yahoo Answers, though you can find many others. Search for relevant questions and provide relevant results. Leave your link at the end of the message and people will follow if they’ve liked the value that you have provided in the answer.


    Don’t Neglect SEO

    SEO is complicated, and most bloggers would rather avoid it. Well, you can avoid it knowing that you’ll never reach your full potential. Or, you can start learning and practicing bit by bit up until you start mastering it. My advice is to start now. Simply learn more about it and implement it whenever you write new blog posts.


    Reshare and Repurpose Your Old Articles

    Don’t forget about your old articles. As they say, some of them can be “oldie but goldie”. You can always share them on your social channels, link to them more often, or repurpose them into a different media type (video, audio, graphic, etc.)


    Focus on Headlines

    Your headlines are making a huge difference in the way your blog performs. When you share your newest blog posts on social media, the headlines are the first to appear in people’s newsfeeds. As people always scroll fast, you’ll need truly relevant and attractive headlines to trigger your audience’s attention.

    It works the same with email marketing, SEO, and basically every digital marketing tactic. If you focus on developing amazing headlines, more people will get the chance to see what your blog feels like.


    Provide Value and You’ll Receive Backlinks

    To who would you offer a backlink?

    Would you place a hyperlink in your blog posts that lead to a broken website that barely loads and has a lot of “issues”? You wouldn’t. Would you link to a poorly-written article that provides no value? Nope, because that will damage your brand’s reputation and credibility!

    Now start providing value and backlinks shall follow.


    Build an Email List

    If you’re offering paid offers (products or services), you shouldn’t try to sell them through blog posts. The ideal strategy is to create an email list and start practicing email marketing.

    You should simply gather the email lists of your blog readers and send them periodic emails. Your emails can be informative, educative, entertaining, and also promotional. In fact, you should create a balanced sequence that offers more value than it requests for compensation.


    Be Consistent

    Consistency is the key to any successful professional activity. If you keep pursuing your goals without giving up, you’ll eventually get there. This works especially in blogging. You may do very bad in the first months or even years, but if you stick to it, you will be one of the very few who have developed mastery in a specific field due to their persistence, dedication, and resilience.



    Blogging is an accessible activity. Every one of us can start a blog right away, design a free logo, and post our first article.

    Yet, the difference in standards between bloggers defines the difference in results. Raise your standards and start treating blogging seriously. Work hard and smart, and don’t stop persisting!

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