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    11 Best Blockchain Blogs to Follow in 2019

    Much might not be known about Satoshi Nakamoto, but his invention has made him known to us. Yes, you got it right-the Blockchain Revolution. Ever since its inception in the year 2008, it has gone on to become something greater than was even dreamed off in the beginning. If its cryptocurrencies that one is dealing with, then he has to know the ins and outs, the pros and cons and all the details of Blockchain.

    Along with a host of benefits, Block Chains can also be potential traps for those having little trustworthy knowledge about them. To explore and know the truest nature of Blockchain and what more they have to offer this year, here is a list of the 11 Best Blockchain Blogs to follow in 2019. You can also check Crypto Youtubers on ICO Toplist.


    1) Blog by Vitalik Bu terin

    If there is anyone after Satoshi Nakamoto in terms of importance in the field of Block Chains then it has to be Vitalik Buterin. His bog is a complete package in itself when comes to knowing about the BlockChain Industry, its history and the gradual development of the Ethereum network. What comes as an additional bonanza, is his analysis on the governance of the Blockchain Industry.


    2) Unenumerated

    This blog is authored by Nick Szabo who is also considered by some to be the actual Satoshi Nakamoto. His blog focuses on topics covering a varied panorama of subject matter especially on smart contracts related to the Blockchain Industry.


    3) CoinFund Blog

    Having its main contributions from Jake Brukhman and Aleksandr Bulkin, this blog primarily addresses the needs of those who are potential investors for Blockchain. This blog not only provides you with a complete range of information and guidance regarding your investments but also covers problems regarding certain aspects of the Blockchain Industry becoming obsolete and this makes this blog different because you won’t come across this aspect much in any other blog.


    4) Blog by Tony Sheng

    Tony Sheng’s weekly blog is influenced by his own background in cryptocurrencies, and virtual reality. If you are one with an interest in decentralized applications and want to have an edge over others, don’t forget to go through this blog.


    5) Token Daily

    The posts of Token Daily focus on cryptocurrencies and related topics. They provide continuous and interesting information to the investors of the Blockchain market regarding its technology and tends to guide them and protect them from all possible scams of the space.


    6) BitcoinTechWeekly

    BitcoinTechWeekly is one such blog that comes with specialized technical know-how. This blog is ideal for those who are already into the BlockChain Industry. Their articles go on to analyze the latest tools for the development of technical software related to this industry. However, catering primarily to weekly Bitcoin technological news, their opinions sometimes tend to have a heavy influence of the maximalist school of thought of Bitcoin.


    7) Startup Management

    William Mougyar, the chief contributor of this blog, also happens to be the author of the Business Blockchain. His articles help you get a clear idea of the kinds of Cryptocurrencies existing at present. They also arm you with all possible future developments in this field. On the top, it might seem that blog talks about a number of businesses but then a Block Chain chiefly functions in bringing many industries together and from that end this blog is one that can be depended upon.


    8) Multicoin

    Multicoin can be considered to be one of the best blogs on cryptocurrency as its articles cover not only every cryptocurrency but also each and every Block Chain. Their highly informative posts tend to provide a full view of investments in the BlockChain Industry. New, as well as veteran investors, can derive its benefits.


    9) A16z Blog

    The A16z Blog is authored by the Venture Capital firm Andreessen Horowitz, co-founded by Marc Andreessen and Ben Horowitz. The blogs pertaining to Blockchain, presented by them, are very original in their appeal as they cover the institutional side of Blockchain and all more so because they also incorporate their critical views on Cryptocurrencies and the BlockChain Industry. Their articles are a true blend of analysis and criticism.


    10) Blog by Chris Dixon

    The author of this blog Chris Dixon belongs to the Venture Capital firm Andreessen Horowitz. There is hardly any aspect of the BlockChain Industry that is uncovered by his articles. His writings don’t focus on any one particular Block Chain; he rather tends to give a more general, but consistent and accurate picture of the Block Chain scenario. This blog can turn out to be beneficial for both new and old investors.


    11) Hackernoon

    Hackernoon is an online platform where you can come across a host of articles and opinions on the Block Chain Industry and cryptocurrencies. As it is a platform where numerous ideas come together and assimilate, this can be an ideal blog where you can clear all your doubts and fears regarding all your BlockChain investments.



    Having no particular central authoritative control and by providing a ledger that can be seen by everyone, Block Chains provide transparency without compromising security. Moreover, Blockchains store and transfer money absolutely free, unlike conventional business models which take a charge for every such transaction.

    No matter whether you are a beginner or a professional, these blogs along with their numerous articles, are definitely going to give you an upper edge when it comes to Block Chains.

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