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    10 Tips and Tools to Humanise Your Company Blog

    You probably have heard all this about humanising your blog, so your target audience will engage with your brand. As a consequence, it will increase your traffic and your conversions.

    But how to do in practical terms, you wonder. Because, at the end of the day, you have a company, not a child. And it makes you think that you can’t humanise it, no matter how hard you try.

    Thankfully, here is a list of tips and tools that you can use to achieve this goal. And, yes, they have all been tested and proved by experts.



    #1 – Tell how the company was founded

    One great way to create an emotional connection between your company and your target audience is by writing an article about its foundation. Tell them all struggles you went through, what challenges you faced, and how many times you considered giving up. Also tell any funny details, and how you manage to overcome every problem you encountered. Then leave them with a life lesson and a story of success.

    #2 – Show the production process

    Your customers will love to know how the products and services that they buy are created. Show them how it works as if you were talking about assembling a toy or something else that is fun. And take the opportunity to create an open channel about it. Let them ask questions and be curious about your secrets (if there is any). It can become a memorable conversation.

    #3 – Interview your team

    Your company is not a person, but it is made by people. So if you want to humanise it, you should bring your team to the scene. Interview them and share with your customers why they are so important to the company. Highlight their skills and tell interesting stories about how you met them for the first time. But also share more personal things that can show them as an interesting person – with their permission, of course.

    #4 – Add user-generated content

    Content generated by your clients and customers is another great way to boost engagement. Let them write posts about your brand, how they use your products, and what they think about your services. Yes, you can check them before publishing it, but censorship won’t help you much here. You would rather let them free to be honest and surprise yourself with the compliments you will get. Also you can use professional content using website ratings to find them to generate high-quality content for your purposes.

    #5 – Forget about stock images

    Stock images are a cheap way to get professional images, but they aren’t famous for creating an emotional connection. People know that you aren’t the one on the photo and feel a bit betrayed by it. On the other hand, real photos from your facilities, team, products can be more expensive, but they will pay you back for sure.

    #6 – Add videos

    Videos are also well known for creating engagement. They wake up emotions and trigger the brain to create connections – so we tend to remember what we see longer than what we read. So any of the suggestions above can be transformed from a written post to a video instead. You can showcase your portfolio, interview clients and your staff, and much more.

    #7 – Use informal words

    One thing that companies are usually concerned about while blogging is about their choice of words. They think because they are a business, their tone should be cold and formal. But they couldn’t be more wrong. People wants to hear from people, and you will sound like a robot if you choose this way. So don’t be afraid of being funny or informal – your clients will be much happier if you do so.

    #8 – Answer your comments and reviews

    Another thing that you should ensure that you do is to answer all your comments and reviews. Each one of them should be taken care individually and with all care, even the negative ones. It will show that you care about what it is said about your company and show that you are more than interested in having a conversation with your clients.

    #9 – Sign with your name

    Here is a precious tip, ignored by many companies: you should sign your blog posts with your name. Create a byline with a real and nice photo of you, so people will know who is writing those texts. And tell a bit about yourself, professionally and personally. It will make them feel much more comfortable and interested to read your words, for sure.

    #10 – Build relationships

    Last but not least, you should always focus on building relationships with your audience. Every time that you are about to create an article, you should consider how they can interact with it, and which resources you can provide so they can use your blog to engage in conversations. And not only with you but also with other customers so that they can share their experiences, for instance.


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