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    10 Negative Beliefs that Guarantee Blogging Failure

    There are some negative beliefs that usually hunt most of us. And it is OK. It is normal to feel unsure sometimes in such competitive environment, such as the blogging. But it doesn’t mean that you should allow these pessimist ideas to take over your mind and stop you from becoming a successful blogger.




    The problem is that many of these beliefs can pass unnoticed or as a natural thing to consider under the circumstances. So to avoid that you fall into this trap, let’s list ten of the most common negative ideas that can guarantee blogging failure if they aren’t dissolved on time.



    #1 – I am no expert; I shouldn’t be writing about it

    The famous impostor syndrome is the first negative belief that we will point out here. It is true that you have no PhD in what you are writing about, but let’s be honest: who does? Most of the bloggers never been to any university, and several of them had very average jobs before becoming a blogger. And it has never stopped them from learning their craft and making money out of it.



    #2 – There are too many blogs out there

    Yes, it is true. There is an enormous number of blogs out there nowadays. But have you ever stopped to check their quality? How many of them are really good and offer reliable content? How many of them are taken seriously enough? You know the answer: not many. So if you are managing your blogging career with professionalism, you are among a VIP group.


    #3 – It requires technical expertise to run a blog (and I know zero about it)

    No, it doesn’t. You can have a blog, and get your blog on the first page of Google Search with little or no technical experience. You can also create great content and prepare an amazing design. And all you need to do is to read tips from experts and follow them to the dot. There are also plenty of automating tools, online services, and templates ready for you. Simple like this.


    #4 – It takes too much time to keep it up-to-date

    I won’t lie to you. Blogging requires dedication. But the worst part is the beginning when you are learning and building an audience for the first time. Then you can relax a bit and make improvements here and there. And you can always open space for guest bloggers so they share the burden with you in exchange for a byline.


    #5 – It requires too much money to keep it up-to-date

    Here is an affirmation that you can erase from your mind forever. The cost to keep the blog is the same that you had to create it in the first place. No more, no less. Of course, you might want to make improvements or buy tools to automate parts of the process. But it means that you are setting yourself free for new projects, so it is a win-win scenario.


    #6 – I am not a good writer

    And who is? Even published best-seller authors have their doubts about the quality of their writing. And this is why they rely on editors and proofreaders to perfect their work. So why can you do the same? If you feel that you need help, just go ahead and hire a freelancer or an agency to check your posts. No need to feel bad about it. You always can find some help in your writings. Just want to be creative and your brain will do the rest.


    #7 – I will never make money out it

    You will or you won’t. It depends on how hard you want to work on ways to monetize your blog. But there are many bloggers out there making small fortunes per month, and they aren’t lying. You just need to find the best method according to your audience and go for it.


    #8 – Analytics are too complicated

    If you have ever had a look at Google Analytics or Google Webmaster Tools, you might have found them complicated at first sight. But if you took the time to look for any tutorial online, you know that it isn’t that bad. It is just a question of understanding the lingo and then choosing which data is more relevant to you. Soon, it will become your second skin.


    #9 – I will have to write until exhaustion

    No, you won’t. As said above, there is a lot to write in the beginning, but then it settles in. You will know every single aspect of your topic, and your writing will run more smoothly. And also as mentioned before, you can always invite people to become guest bloggers. Even your visitor can generate content for you if you provide them with the right tools.



    #10 – Being afraid of criticism

    Criticism is a problem the fear of many aspiring bloggers. They think that people will hate what they write and that they will become a meme to be mocked about. But while it is not possible to make everyone happy, you won’t be making everybody unhappy either. Rest assured that if you do good work, you will have much more followers than haters.


    The bottom line

    As you can see, it is very easy to get rid of the negative beliefs above. Just stick to your guns and go ahead with your blog idea. You are sure to be successful if you are willing to remain optimistic and ready for working hard.

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