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    iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle Vanished from Apple’s Official Websites and Stores

    Apple today removed the iPod nano and iPod shuffle from official websites and online stores around the world and confirmed to the media that they are officially shutting down the two media players. At the same time, Apple updated the price of iPod touch, 32GB version is now priced at $199, 128GB version is now $299. At present, iPod nano and shuffle can still be purchased at the Apple Store and the dealer, but believe that time will not be too long.

    In the United States, the latest iPod nano is priced at $149 for of 16GB variant; iPod shuffle is priced at $49 for 2GB variant. In addition to the new colors and storage capacity, Apple last updated iPod nano in October 2012, the last update iPod shuffle was in September 2010. Apple last updated iPod touch was in July 2015 and added A8 chip and 800W Rear camera.


    Apple Announces iPod Nano and Touch


    Apple released its first iPod shuffle in January 2005 and released iPod nano in September of the same year. Apple launched a total of 7 generations of iPod nano, 4th generation iPod shuffle. In recent years, iPod sales have been declining. In the fourth quarter of 2014, iPod sales of only 2.6 million. Since then, iPod sales have been folded in other product sales. iPod sales in 2008 reached its peak, annual sales of 54.8 million.

    The iPod product line was released in 2001 by Steve Jobs and is one of the products that really help Apple to become the world’s most successful technology company. However, iPhone released in 2007, iPod nano and shuffle also soon fell out of favor. access. iPod Nano was last updated in 2012 and iPod Shuffle was last updated in 2010. Now after discontinuing both the iPods, Apple has increased the capacity of iPod touch to 32 and 128 GB respectively.

    iPod Shuffle 2GB Color


    It was clear from past several years that iPhone would eat up the traditional non-network iPods — and that it was comfortable with that happening. Now we can get iPod touch twice the storage at the same price, vanishing the other version of it. The iPod wasn’t the first MP3 player by any stretch, but it was the technology’s true breakthrough.

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