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    Top Reasons Why iOS Will Dominate the Future Mobile App Development World

    The trend of the mobile app is a growing day by day. As per the latest report by Statcounter, mobile users have surpassed desktop users in March 2019.

    Mobile Users vs Desktop Users Stats
    To be fair enough, I don’t see any surprise here as this was going to happen ever since the first smartphone device launched.

    In today world, there is a high demand for mobile devices due to their amazing features. Interestingly, this latest technology is generating a higher employment rate for numerous expert mobile app developers. Most of the best app development agencies are now on the hunt to hire skilled app developers.

    While there are numerous operating systems (OS) on the smartphone space trying to capture more users, the implementation of iOS has led to an extraordinary impact in the current digital era. Today, most of the app developers & app development agencies are getting on the mobile platform to push their strategy and improve mobile application development.

    Since the introduction of the iPhone back on 29 June 2007, there has been a wave in iPhone development and design. Apple’s iOS no doubt is the best and most popular smartphone operating system that requires a specific strategy to develop an app. Unlike web apps and software for desktop, developing mobile application on iOS platform needs more strategic plan and implementation.

    Below, I have shared vital points on why iOS is all set to dominate the future of mobile apps.


    #1 Coding Language

    Coding is the supreme boss of the mobile app development family. If done wrong, the entire mobile app development goes wrong in terms of UI/UX. While Android uses Java as a primary language, iOS uses newly launched Swift.

    Java language is a more complex programming language and requires more coding compared to the Swift language. And with more lines of codes comes a higher possibility of bugs.

    Whereas Swift – iOS primary coding language comes with the assurance of better results with fewer codes. It acts as a great translator between the app developer and the computer and helps convey to the computer accurately what you need it to do.


    #2 App Emulators

    Android app emulators are no match for iOS app simulators in terms of both support and speed. It overall affects mobile app development and makes it a difficult life for android developers. So because of the same reason, iOS app development is more preferred over the Android app development.

    #3 Better Time Consumption

    Building an app on the Android OS require more coding and has comparatively slower which slow down the complete process of app development for the Android OS. Whereas in the case of iOS it’s not the same as developing iOS require less coding and has faster emulators which make the complete process in developing an app faster.


    #4 Better Developer Support & Tools

    Android OS platform is on the open source whereas iOS OS is on the closed source platform. As a result, there is more rules & strictness in iOS. The developer tools and support offered by Apple is better as compared to all the other OS including one of the dominant market leader – Android.


    #5 Less Fragmentation

    One of the biggest challenge faced by Android developers is to develop an app for tons of vendors, screen resolutions, and platforms. No doubt, you can finish the job perfectly but still, you can get an email about undetected bugs found on some smartphone devices especially on Chinese brand name.

    As per the report by the Statcounter, 10.37% of people are still using Android 5th version that is Lollipop.

    So keeping this fact in view, Android developers have to develop an app in such a way that it supports old Android version too.

    Android Version Share Worldwide

    So keeping this fact in view, Android developers have to develop an app in such a way that it supports old Android version too.


    #6 Earn More Revenue via Apple Store

    Android primary market is India, Brazil, and Chinese based market but on the other hand, iOS primary market is the US and the UK.

    iOS Share
    iOS Share

    Generally, if you check the US & the UK per capita income, then you will notice that these countries have higher capita income. Chances of users in the US & the UK, spending on and within an app is more than the Android user.

    Both the OS have different strategies and approach, and both have advanced on to win an audience for themselves. However, iOS OS has managed to leave a more impact on the current world.

    So based on all the above reason most of the startup business prefer to develop an iOS-based app and in search of same they tend to hire iOS developer who is an expert, possesses an excellent knowledge base last but not least with a good sense of humour.

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