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    iOS 13 Release Date and New Feature Rumours


    The IoS 13 release date is a piece of whooping tech news in less than two weeks if you already have an iPad or iPhone, a handful of rumoured features are beforehand of Apple WWDC 2019.

    As with passing days, IoS users were rolling up sleeves with IoS 12 features, and now you are here tossing around rumours related with IoS 13. Ahead the new season of Games Of Thrones or the subsequent season of World Cup, IoS 13 would be something people will be waiting. Therefore, without further wasting any single moment, let’s dive in what to expect from IoS 13 and what’s the expected release date for IoS 13.


    Expected Release Date

    IoS 13 Developer Beta: The first look at the much-awaited IoS 13 will be certainly on Monday, June 3, according to Apple’s abiding history of setting in motion it’s new mobile software at its annual developer keynote. But, you should be patiently waiting for the public beta, a more stable option.

    IoS 13 Public Beta: This is Apple’s own way of testing the acclaimed features on a larger scale, and that is probably scheduled for late June. This is conventionally considered as a refined version of IoS 13 beta, although it might be fuzzy and bumpy and never include all the features to be implemented in the final release.

    The Official IoS Release Date: You will surely get the software in its final form at the Apple’s official launch event, what you are addressing as iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Max and iPhone 11XR. Thinking about the date? Probably around September. You will get the destined time only after the launch date.


    Compatibility With IoS 13

    IoS 13 beta could take back where it left off the oldest devices of Apple compatibility list, like it earlier used to do in 2018. The predictions direct that Apple 5s and iPad mini two won’t be able to match the pace with IoS 13 update, whereas, iPhone SE probably will. Benefits? Cutting down on SE would leave Apple’s and application developers with smaller screen sizes to deal while programming for IoS.

    But, the question arises which other iPads and iPhone will be able to run on the updated version?


    Below is the list of the devices that will run efficiently with IoS 13.

    iPad Pro (10.5), iPad Pro (11), iPad Pro (12.9, 2017 and 2018
    iPad 2017, iPad 2018, iPad Air (2019)
    iPad mini 2, iPad mini 3, iPad mini 4, iPad mini (2019)
    iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone SE, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X/XS/XS Max/XR
    iPod touch (sixth generation)

    But, one thing is for sure – whatever comes, don’t assume Apple to make an official announcement at WWDC 2019, if iPhone 5s isn’t compatible with IoS update. The compatible phone will pop up on the slide or simply they won’t. Moreover, it is not imperative to array every IoS 13 feature for every device on the list. Some new ideas may be crafting the way through, True Depth Camera, a rear-dual lens system, or 3-D touch.


    “Yukon“ IoS 13 Codename & Beyond

    Code name “Yukon” for IoS 13 version is definitely to follow footsteps of IoS 12 in increasing speed for older devices and house crafting the bugs. The user interface will pull through the new animations while multitasking or closing applications.

    Possibly exciting, the reports claim Apple has already started to work for IoS 14 confidential name “Azul”, which is predicted to be ground for 5G spectrum and latest AR functionality. But, don’t expect it in iPhone 11, rather it is expected to launch in iPhone 13, accompanied with 5G.


    Benchmarked Changes in iPad

    Being an IoS user, you might be already known after every two year iPad get a gust of meaningful changes. You must have noticed that with IoS 11 two years ago and with IoS 9 two years before that. That probably means – IoS 13 features are destined to rewrite the iPad software in an effort to make it a better “desktop”.

    Adding on, IoS could proffer you with more access to external hard drives and DSLR’s plug-in with I-Pad USB – C port. At this instance, every video and photo need to be imported through camera roll instead of directly to the application.

    You could expect external storage support to go extent, allowing the user to have an easy hand in transferring any kind of file between iPad and the hard drive.


    So, below have a look at what new features are unveiled with the IoS 13 release date update:

    The Usual: Siri Improvisation

    With every latest version, Siri gets better. This undoubtedly has raised the bars for upcoming releases. The previous update had a new outlook and added shortcuts. What’s expected from this update is the personalized answer for the declined calls. Still a thought, that when you drop a call, the reason can also be sent through Siri. If it’s equipped with carplay integration, then the user will be surrounded with multiple options along with location details.


    ReDesigned Home Screen

    IoS 13 may be the first ever to bring a change to the IoS home screen and don’t worry, its already commenced. You must have noticed the app tile layout since the launch of first iPhone 29 June 2007, it does works now, but it’s a bit stale.

    While amid of last year IoS 13 rumours mention a home screen refresh, it probably didn’t talk about the potential changes. Nevertheless, wizards have envisioned chunks of today’s screen (wedge-like screen) making its own place into the home screen.

    Being able to have a sneak peek at the pieces of information – scheduling your new year calendar appointment, the 5-day weather forecast, exclusive Apple news – would be a welcome feature to the unaltered Application Grid.

    Wait, why to wear cold shoulders for Apple watch? When talking, Apple watch is already equipped with face compilation feature, and the team of experts behind it used “Glanceable information” a lot. That would work wonders for IoS 13 home screen.

    Regardless, IoS 13 update suggest being an iPad specific change. Else, you have to wait to witness if iPhone can get on the home screen UI too.


    Final Arrival Of Dark Mode

    IoS 13 may be the final solution for Apple’s long-time rumoured “Dark Mode”. So, finally, the wait is over marking the arrival of dark mode in extension to the entire operating system. In the same way, macOS Mojave (the Fifteenth Release of macOS), the options will be there in the device setting.

    Similarly, this means the iPad applications on macOS are going to benefit from the dark mode. And, if the rumours are precise, this will make it a lot easier to look at apps at night time.


    Revamp Camera

    A revamp for the camera application was in the last year’s leak, and that provoked the interest the most. Where Samsung Galaxy S9 comes with a snap a photo gesture, LG V40 comes with tools for fluid zoom anywhere on the screen, and Google pixel with a night sight mood, Apple needs to sprinkle a little more advanced tools.

    All that is needed, the ability to change resolutions and frame rates within the camera, that will be possibly enough to cement the footprints for IoS 13 rumours.


    Multitasking: An Added Feature

    With the latest launch of IoS 13, iPad is inching towards being a real computer. In this update, each application can inculcate multiple tabs and windows. Yes, it will be possible to work on two different windows placed next to each other.

    Spam Call Blocking

    IoS 13 features definitely need a better SPAM call Blocking. As with the increasing nuisance of telemarketers, it is one of the best features to be introduced in the iPhone.
    Of course, Apple did have added a call blocking and identification feature to the last update, but the user has to invest some dollars to get better SPAM protection.

    But, never worry, you are soon going to see the shift. As per the latest updates, Verizon is making its SPAM and robocall feature free starting in March, and Apple has recently issued a patent for this sort of feature.


    An Ease Of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Change via Control Panel

    Connecting to new Wi-Fi connections or Bluetooth devices without venting the applications are next to impossible. Yes, control centre allows you to toggle between the two internet options via the drop-down menu, but swapping between connections require you to walk to the setting menu. Isn’t it annoying?
    IoS 13 could efficiently rewrite this, with other exclusive frosted overlay menus that let you select your connections without exiting you out of your current working applications. This proves to be especially handy while travelling and constantly swapping through multiple open Wi-Fi networks.


    Latest New Emoji

    A sprinkling of emojis can be a feather added in the benefit hat. As per the rumours a cow, an octopus, a mouse, and emoji faces are all being added up.

    As every iPhone user know, there are currently 24 Animoji is Apple’s iOS 12.2 roster, so the iOS 13 update would bring the total number to 28 in addition to impressive yet customized Memoji avatars.


    More IoS 13 Updates

    As IoS 13 is yet to enter the space, even in IoS 13 beta form. However, as everyone is getting closer to Apple’s WWDC 2019 keynote scheduled in June, we await more leaks to come up about what the company is working on. If they do pop into the news, we’ll surely show them here.


    In The End

    The mounting popularity for the IoS world has been an upthrust as well as a significant concern for various businesses that are yet to reap the unparalleled ROI perks of the iPhone app development market.

    However, if you want to avoid the risk of choosing an unprofessional service provider, Xicom Technologies offers you purely accountable ios developer, dwelling from the IoS application development background. Get the free estimation that will inspire you to the next.

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