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    IOS 12 Ultimate Features That You Need To Know For App Development


    As we all know, the iPhone gets an update once in a while keeping users awaited for new updates. They usually work in terms of experience and device performance. Apple highly focuses on the area from security to speed, bringing a considerable enhancement in all of its features for better user experience.

    Every now and then, Apple Inc. brings us new features or even applications. This will follow a new set of rules and regulations that can make a big difference from the previous IOS update. When it comes to application development, getting to know what goes around in and out of the developing industry is a must. It’s well aware that people will be temp to update the latest version and to see how it is different from the previous one. This curiosity keeps them going!

    It’s been like months now with the new update, Lets jump right into the features of the new IOS 12 update.


    Siri Application

    Starting with the best app which lifts the iPhone’s level, Siri. We generally know how Siri works, from googling, Wikipedia to calling your friend. Now Develop Apple Tv Apps Inc. had brought in Siri shortcut, which seems to be exclusive. These are supported by third-party apps as well. The Siri shortcut is helping you with the interaction between you and your users. This sounds exciting to interact with users, so make sure you try the Siri shortcut asap.



    iPhone photos are always unique, from creating memories to archiving the pictures. The new IOS 12 update enables cooler features. It has improved the portrait segmentation and helps the users with more access to editing it. When you talk about fields like business, this ensures to help with the printing process as easy as possible. With just minimal photo effects on even easily develop apps. There seems to be more coming along the way.



    From the IOS 10 update, we are finding a fancy change in the notifications. From responding to chats and call back is made easier from the notifications itself. The new update adds more controls to the notification center making it impossible, possible.


    Screen timer

    This is one of the apt features ever worked on. The screen timer helps you to limit the usage of your device. This seems to be more health conscious than an update. The screen timer helps you set a specific time until which you would like to use the phone, as soon as it reaches the limit, it disables the usage until turned off. Finally, it also gives you reports on how it has turned out to be, which you can work on in later times.


    Tuning in instantly

    We now came across the notification center feature and the tune in works for it. That is, earlier the notification from chats were all separate, and now its all put together as one notification and that, you can easily tap on it to check out the details. This makes it neat and easier to handle.



    Privacy and security is one unique and important feature of the iPhone. To simply define the difference between the users from Android and IOS is basically the security. Keeping this in mind, the new update enables two-factor authentication, blocked access to USB (if locked for an hour), password management, etc. All of these features are compiled and put into a single folder. One needs to make sure not to pass on or share any password information through any source; this might lead us to serious issues say, hackers, stealing data.

    It is thus coming to an end with a very brief explanation of the features of IOS 12. These tips will give you an idea for application development. This enables the users to make use of the resources to the fullest.


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