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    How Technology Trends Will Redefine Future of iOS App Development


    As Per the StatCounter data, the market share of iOS is over 24 percent globally. It may not look impressive at first glance, but the reality is its penetration among the corporate sector is steadily increasing. It is because Apple’s iOS offers better security features for enterprises and a robust platform for addressing the diverse requirements.

    Since inception, the iOS has shown the better capability of handling complex business needs as compared to Android. Better user experience and enterprise-friendly features have compelled many entrepreneurs to choose the iOS platform for their business apps. As a result, iOS mobile app development services are thriving and advancing technology makes them more efficient.

    How about going through the noteworthy technology trends that are going to shape the future of iOS app development? These trends are capable of transforming the app development process for building reliable and user-friendly app solutions for both iPads and iPhones. Sounds interesting? Let’s go through such trends one after another.  


    • The advent of Swift 4

    Swift is the lifeblood of iOS app development! This awesome programming language has made the developer’s life easy. What’s more, Apple regularly comes up with the improved version of Swift to make it more powerful. Recently, the company has launched Swift 4, which has enhanced functionality than Swift 3.

    More scalability and security are the top characteristics of Swift 4. The developers can come up with simple yet robust iOS apps with the help of this language. Swift 4 also reduces the development time and the Swift 4-based app occupies less memory in the iOS device.

    We will witness rapid app development for iOS, macOS, and tvOS in the year 2019 and beyond thanks to Swift 4.


    • AI integration

    Siri does not require any introduction. This powerful personal assistant has gained a lot of popularity worldwide. Siri is an outcome of the combination of a futuristic AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology and contextual learning approach. It can learn from the user’s searching and speaking patterns and provide the most relevant information.

    In the coming years, Siri will become more advanced with the evolving AI concept. The iOS app development process will involve AI integration and use of Siri for better interaction. For example, today Siri offers a GPS pin to get access to the task manager. Siri will remain in limelight for a long time, and get updated for performing many tasks.


    • Advancement of Core Machine Learning

    CoreML has remained a buzzword in the iOS app developers’ community. It has a direct impact on the tasks related to Camera, Siri, and even QuickType. In the year 2019, Apple is expected to take this machine learning framework to the next level and the iOS app developers will keep watch on it for developing more engaging apps.  

    The app developers can leverage the benefits of Core ML just by adding a few codes. The Core ML has a rich and robust library and it offers effective communication for all iOS devices. Also, this framework enables the developers to develop addicting AI-based games along with highly interactive business apps. Core ML makes it easy to utilize functions like face detection and multi-language support.

    The scope of Core ML is expected to expand beyond the gaming industry in the near future.


    • Prevalence of Apple Pay

    Apple has released Apple Pay against Google Wallet. Now, this digital mobile wallet has started gaining ground for offering a secure and seamless transaction facility to the iOS users. All the iOS devices like iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and MacBooks have Apple Pay support.

    Apple Pay is now available in many countries and as per the data, it has recorded a whopping YoY (Year on Year) hike of around 500 percent in the number of transactions. As more businesses embrace this digital wallet, the developers need to integrate Apple Pay in their business apps.

    Robust security and enhanced convenience can make Apple Pay more prevalent in the next few years. What makes this wallet unique is the fact that there is no need to store any information regarding the user’s credit or debit card.


    • Augmented Reality will reach the next level

    It all started from the release of iOS 11 in September last year. The Cupertino Company has brought ARKit to open the doors of Augmented Reality for iOS app developers. The ARKit work wonders when it comes to developing 3D and AR-based mobile apps. Interestingly, Amazon’s Sumerian platform supports Apple’s ARKit. In the coming years, other business organizations may also join hands with ARKit.

    In such a scenario, we can expect that the iOS app developers need to get ready for the next-level AR apps for iPhones and iPads.Apple has confirmed that AR technology is here to stay through unveiling ARKit 2 in June 2018.

    It is fair to mention that along with AR, the app developers should focus on VR (Virtual Reality) also to provide an immersive experience to the iOS device users.


    • HomeKit will become stronger

    Just like ARKit, Apple has brought an innovative HomeKit for promoting home automation. We can expect that the iOS devices will control our smart homes and the iOS app developers will play a vital role in making it possible. Under the leadership of Siri, all the iOS devices will interact with one another to manage our home.

    The Apple HomeKit will enable the app developers to make an app that can remain connected with various devices. In a way, the HomeKit will boost the IoT (Internet of Things) concept, and the app developers need to get ready for integrating advanced HomeKit functionality in their apps.  


    • Improved file management

    Apple has added an app called ‘Files’ in the iOS 11.3 version. This app is categorically developed for managing files effectively. This cloud-based app enables the users to store their information in one file that can be accessed anytime, from anywhere. Storing, sharing and accessing of data is easy with this app. The futuristic iOS app development solution will have ‘Files’ integration.

    In other words, ‘Files’ and other apps developed by Apple will find their place in the iOS app development in 2019 and beyond.

    A robust and real-time communication is the need of the hour for enterprise apps. Along with this, secure data sharing and the safe transaction will also remain in focus. These major trends will impact the iOS app development positively and assist developers to achieve these objectives.

    Last but not least. Though this is not a trend but a very important aspect to consider for the iOS app developers. As Apple is making the App Store standards more stringent, the developers need to keep some factors in mind to avoid app rejection.

    Let’s conclude the blog with this information- The Apple App Store has over 2,000,000 apps are available for download. The iOS application development companies strive to come up with innovative app solutions.     

    As a leading iOS app development company, Solution Analysts renders the best-in-class iOS apps to the global clientele. Our dedicated and experienced iOS app developers can build robust business applications that can seamlessly run across different variants of iPads and iPhones.

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