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    Here’s Why the Apple iOS App Store Rule Over Revenue Generation

    Mobile phones have now come a long way since they were first introduced in the market. These phones are now known smartphones. Contrary to older phones which were merely feature phones, smartphones are full-fledged computer driven by the app based ecosystem. They are mini personal-computer just like your regular desktops and laptops. They have even got excellent hardware configuration that can handle large computing operations.

    The increasing penetration of smartphones is increasing the demand of apps. Smartphones are app based computing devices and these apps are available on the stores like Google Play (Android) and App Store (iOS). You think a purpose and you would be able to find a suitable app matching your needs. Regular users can easily access to apps for entertainment, education, video gaming, etc. But it’s not easy to find an appropriate set of apps for businesses and enterprise needs. In fact developers create these apps for case-specific requirements of business as we know that every business is different from another.

    But if you want to create an app which itself is a product; for example gaming app that users will pay for, then the best platform supporting in generating enough revenue is iOS. It’s because in spite of being leader in terms of number, Android doesn’t help Android app developers to generate revenue equal to iPhone app developers.


    It’s not hidden from companies and developers that when it comes to monetization, iOS apps still leads Android Apps. Here is why this trend is not fading out:


    • Officially there are 2.2 million apps for iPhone devices and they are brilliant in quality. Apple’s app approval policy is strict enough to let only high-quality apps become available. The company has complete hold over its iOS operating system as well as hardware in iPhone and iPad devices.


    • This wins the loyalty of both developers and users who are able to experience desire consistency by going with Apple’s mobile ecosystem.Developers need not to work on issues like fragmentation and to optimize the app for a limitless amount of Users also need not to bother about particular apps being supported by their device as happens with Android users.


    • There is a ‘give and take’ relation between Apple and its customers using iOS devices and, this same relation leads higher revenue generation. Apple has succeeded to deliver uniformity in smartphone mobility which keeps attracting more and more users buying iOS powered smartphones and tablets.


    • Contrary to this, Android runs and looks different on different make of phones. Glitches are still there even if Google has done everything it can do to deliver alike user-experience across the entire Android ecosystem.


    • iOS app developers know that tools they are using to build iOS apps are better than the tools available for Android application. Built with year of ability, iOS app development technologies are firmer and faster.

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