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    7 Best Cryptocurrency Apps for iOS

    Cryptocurrency is an exciting and rapidly expanding market. Currencies such as Bitcoin and so-called altcoins like Ethereum and Litecoin can be a wise investment for people who understand how to manage their funds wisely.

    A number of exchanges have cropped up in the past few years, some of which cater to investors looking to transfer funds from a mobile device. But the sea of opportunities can be intimidating and overwhelming.

    Cryptocurrency investors have many options for managing their assets while on the go. We’ve tested many of the options on the market to help you determine which is the best iOS cryptocurrency app to help you manage your money.

    Each of these seven apps offers fantastic features, but some are better tailored to certain types of crypto enthusiasts. Let’s examine each so you can make an informed decision as you work to choose the best iOS cryptocurrency app for your unique circumstances and preferences.

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    Coinbase is a popular and well-established trading platform. If you are new to trading cryptocurrency, Coinbase is a fantastic introduction to this exciting market. It allows users to purchase crypto with fiat, or government-backed money such as the U.S. dollar.

    Coinbase’s app is easy to use while mimicking many of the options available to desktop users, so you will not lose functionality even if you do much of your trading through the app.

    Coinbase operates out of San Francisco, California, and is a leading exchange in the U.S., overseeing the transfer of more than $20 billion in domestic assets.

    Coinbase charges higher fees than some of its competitors, which may be an issue for some investors. However, it offers attractive features such as the Coinbase Earn program, which allows investors to earn crypto as they use the app. The platform also provides a digital wallet and allows users to purchase crypto easily using a credit card, which is not the case with all platforms.

    Coinbase may be the best iOS cryptocurrency app if you are looking to get started in the crypto market and are interested in purchasing major forms of crypto such as Bitcoin and Litecoin.

    Ledger Live

    ‎Ledger Live: Crypto & NFT App
    ‎Ledger Live: Crypto & NFT App

    Ledger’s mobile app has grown and expanded in the past few years to address clients’ concerns. If you were underwhelmed by Ledger Live in the past, it is worth reconsidering to see whether the new iteration fits your crypto strategy and investment style.

    Ledger Live supports a wide variety of cryptocurrencies—more than 26 different types of coins as well as 1,500 tokens—and the number keeps growing. If you want to invest widely or speculate on some lesser-known investments, Ledger Live may well be the best iOS cryptocurrency app for you.

    Managing those dozens of coins and hundreds of tokens is easy, and Ledger Live provides excellent security features to safeguard your funds against potential hackers.

    The platform also gives you the opportunity to hide your token purchases when you view your investments. This does not get rid of those tokens but it is a useful tool that gives you a better and less cluttered bird’s-eye view of your assets.

    The Ledger Live app is handy if you want to easily manage tokens with ease from your smartphone or tablet.

    Cash App

    ‎Cash App
    ‎Cash App
    Developer: Square, Inc.
    Price: Free

    If you have heard of cryptocurrency, then you are probably already familiar with Bitcoin, the industry veteran and the yardstick against which all other coins are measured.

    One of the issues with Bitcoin is that it processed slowly and limited how quickly miners and other investors could process transactions. Bitcoin Cash provided a faster way to exchange crypto pegged to the Bitcoin market.

    The Bitcoin Cash App for iOS takes advantage of this feature and offers users speedy transactions. The app is perfect for people who want to use crypto quickly and often. Both set-up and transactions are a snap. With just a few taps, you can split a bill or pay back a friend. The app is secure, but if you need to pause your account for any reason, you can do so with a single click.

    Users can invest in increments as low as $1, and buying stock with the Bitcoin Cash App is inexpensive because it is done without a commission fee. If you are interested in using crypto for daily transactions, the Bitcoin Cash App is a good choice and maybe your best iOS cryptocurrency app.


    Serious crypto enthusiasts should check out Blockfolio. The platform’s app offers an invaluable tool to easily view and manage a vast array of funds. Because Blockfolio supports hundreds of cryptocurrencies and coins, you may invest widely, and the app’s ability to distill your most important information is extremely helpful.

    If you are ready to take a deep dive, the Blockfolio app can provide all kinds of industry news articles, charts, and order books to help you decide how to leverage your investments. You can also check the exchange rate between cryptocurrencies and dozens of fiat currencies.

    The app allows users to set notifications when exchange rates hit certain thresholds so they are ready to seize opportunities and invest quickly and wisely.

    Blockfolio provides the best iOS cryptocurrency app for experienced investors ready to take precise control of their funds. If you need to rely on an app because you travel a lot, rest assured that Blockfolio can offer coverage all around the world.


    ‎Binance: Buy Bitcoin & Crypto
    ‎Binance: Buy Bitcoin & Crypto

    Hong Kong-based Binance offers some of the best transaction rates on the market depending on where clients are located. Anyone looking to buy cryptocurrency primarily with other forms of crypto should give the platform’s app a look.

    Though headquartered in Asia, Binance serves clients around the globe and partners with local companies to comply with national regulations, such as Binance-US for American crypto investors. However, users cannot make purchases in U.S. dollars. Users can make a wire transfer to buy crypto with another fiat such as Canadian and Australian dollars, as well as Euros, and this payment method does not incur any transaction fee. Americans also face credit card service fees that can climb as high as 3.5%.

    Binance iOS app is best for anyone looking to buy crypto with Canadian, Australian, or European fiat. The app is secure and easy to use, and Binance provides helpful multilingual customer support. The platform supports spot trading and peer-to-peer transactions and has a good industry reputation.

    That being said, its country-specific fees make it less appealing to investors looking to buy crypto with American fiat.

    BlockFi App

    ‎BlockFi: Buy and Trade Crypto
    ‎BlockFi: Buy and Trade Crypto

    The BlockFi app is another sound choice for crypto veterans. If you already own crypto and are knowledgeable about the market, BlockFi may just be the best iOS cryptocurrency app to help you reach the next level. It is also appropriate for investment groups that are up to date in the industry and are willing to invest with little guidance in exchange for very low service costs.

    The BlockFi app is user-friendly, and the company is able to operate a platform that is almost free of fees because it does not spend money on personal investment advisors. Smart crypto traders can both save and earn money easily with the app. You can save money because there are so few fees, and you can earn money because BlockFi offers high-interest earnings up to an 8.6 annual percentage yield (APY).

    The platform promises to deliver the future—not just of crypto, but of the entire financial sector. To that end, it provides services you may have traditionally associated with a brick-and-mortar bank. For example, investors can request a crypto loan or even borrow American dollars for real-world expenses such as making the down payment on a house.

    Consider BlockFi for unique services and potential savings if you are already a confident crypto investor.


    CoinMarketCap’s crypto app is another good iOS app for traders on the move. The platform provides extensive tracking and can give you quick information on more than 16,000 crypto markets and tell you the daily historical open, high, low, close, and volume (OHLCV) values. This is very helpful when you want to keep an eye on your holdings and monitor trends in the market so you can plan your next move.

    You can also compare crypto values against fiat from around the world or bullion such as gold and palladium.

    You may ask the CoinMarketCap app to send you an alert when prices reach a certain threshold so you can dive in with a transfer when market conditions are ideal.

    This can be the best iOS cryptocurrency app for crypto enthusiasts who like to compare exchange rates around the world. Tools like the historical daily OHLCV data, plus numerous charts and books, make this a dream for crypto statisticians who like to wrap their heads around a bunch of numbers to determine the best trade opportunities. Of course, if you would like some help, the CoinMarketCap app also provides up-to-date news on the crypto market and blockchain technology.

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