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    Common Apple iPhone & iPad Problems and Their Solutions

    Almost every iPad & iPhone user loves its gadget to use because Apple has made the remarkably extraordinary the iPad for almost every type of use. Most of the people really face some sorts of problems that they don’t know to manage the things in a better way. Especially for the new users of an iPad have some type of difficulties in using the newly buy iPad. Here we will discuss those issues which are unknown to the new user of an iPad and also you will get to know how to use them sufficiently.


    1. How to use the AirPlay

    Most of the new users of an iPad don’t know how to use the AirPlay pre-installed application. AirPlay allows you to have wireless streaming audio or video files with the associated Apple TV or speakers. You may easily get the streaming of different applications, audios and videos respectively. The main thing is to set up with the Apple TV and it may take some time to get set with the other associated devices. You just have to search for the Apple devices to connect with them sufficiently and make sure you have enabled the option of AirPlay from your iPad.


    1. How to use the AirDrop

    AirDrop is one of the best pre-installed application which has introduced by the Apple to share data and files with iOS devices respectively. While enabling the AirDrop option, Bluetooth and wifi option will automatically switch on. Make sure the other iOS device has also activated it’s both options so it can find easy to connect with each other.


    1. iPad & iPhone not Charging Sufficiently

    One of the most common issue that almost user complain that their iPad consuming more battery or do not charge the battery properly. If your ipad is not charging properly then you should check the charging cable first that would not get damage from any side. After confirming this thing, make sure the adapter is also in operating condition. The last and the most important thing are to confirm about the socket in which you have insert the adapter for charging the iPad. If all these things are in positive response, then you should have to clean the charging port of your iPad. Take a brush to clean inside the panel of the iPad charging port. It is due to the dust which may cause disturbing the panel inside the charging port or you should contact to the nearest Apple Store in this regard to get the better solution of your problem.


    1. Slow Processing of an iPhone or iPad

    Most of the time you feel that your iPad is not behaving quickly in response. There are some common issues of this problem which slow the processing speed of the iPad respectively. The first thing is to uninstall the iPad applications which are not in your use for a long time. These applications may cause the slow processing of the iPad in processing. Also remove the cache of your iPad to allow it for work properly.

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