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Now that iPhone X is coming, we look at the goodies it promises to bring. In this article, we will review 18 awesome additions that you will definitely be interested in.

18 Features in the New iPhone X


  1. Neural Engine

If you want to know how 600 billion operations per second feel like, then iPhone X gives you exactly that. An improvement from the Bionic A10 capacity.


  1. Apple-Designed GPU

Armed with three core graphics, it is tipped to do better than iPhone 7 by at least double digits. Considering that it is Apple-designed, it is likely to enhance compatibility.


  1. Surgical Precision Stainless Steel Frames

To support an all-glass front and back display, the precision frames add a touch of gloss that iPhone 7 lacked. Here is a chance to get rid of the aluminum back in style.


  1. No Home Button

No home button and large screen in the iPhone X

Without a home button and a wide-screen 5.8 inch, the screen is over 80%. Also, it has allowed new features to be added such as face ID in place of touch ID.


  1. Motion Coprocessor

To view quality video and pictures, this phone comes with top of the range motion processors that improve your performance by about 70%.


  1. iOS 11

Unlike iPhone 7 that only allows upgrading to iOS 10.3.3, X offers iOS 11 as the default processor, which provides you with more compatibility.

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  1. Bluetooth 5.0

An upgrade from 4.2 is welcome. It comes with an 8-fold broadcasting capacity and doubles the speed. That’s not all, you can broadcast four times far away from your device.


  1. Faster Wireless Charging

The future of charging is wireless and iPhone introduces you to Qi wireless charging system. It is also optimized to charge your phone 50% in 30 minutes.


  1. 2 More Hours of Battery Life

An upgrade from 1960 mAh will add two more hours for you. One advantage that iPhone boasts of is energy efficiency and this system is built for just that.


  1. Dual Lenses Frontal Camera

To improve your picture and video capture, dual lenses are introduced and two sensors to optimize your experience. Also, the camera uses telephoto technology.


  1. 1080p Slow Motion Video Recording at 240 FPS

iPhone 7 was only able to do 120 FPS at 1080p. iPhone X is a step up to record at 120 FPS at 2160P.


  1. HDR10

Everyone wants a high-definition display, but it comes at a cost here and well worth it. You can view Dolby Vision compliant videos flawlessly on top of other display features. At 150mbps, you can even stream the videos.


  1. Portrait Mode Selfies and Animoji

Taking face detection to another level. The phone makes and animates emojis based on your facial qualities.

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  1. OLED Display

The first phone to feature the display and boast of 1m: 1 contrast, true black, and seven colors display quality.


  1. 5.8-Inch Display

It exceeds iPhone 7′ 4.7-inch display by a whole inch. It makes good use of the screen to make your experience better.


  1. 458 Pixels Per Inch

This feature surely shows what an upgrade it brings to the phone compared to iPhone 7’s 326ppi.


  1. Face ID

Instead of touch, Apple is moving on to facial recognition intelligence. They argue 1000000/1 odds of error.


  1. Dual Optical Image Stabilization

Minor image shaking cannot affect the picture.


Overall, the iPhone X is chock full of great features, sure to please current and new Apple lovers.


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