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    List of Working Antivirus for Windows 10 Technical Preview

    Supported Antivirus for Windows 10 Technical Preview

    Microsoft has already released preview of its latest operating system Windows 10 skipping Windows 9 exclusively for developers.

    The Windows 10 Technical Preview is still in beta version and got lot of bugs but many of power users have already installed it in their systems and after installing the Tech Preview of Windows the main problem they face is that of compatible antivirus software, however windows 10 already comes with pre installed windows defender but for many users it is not enough.

    So, today i am posting this list of compatible antivirus softwares for Windows 10 Technical Preview which are successfully tested in this version of Windows 10.

    Compatible Antivirus for Windows 10 Technical Preview

    UPDATE : 28/05/2015 – Avast is now compatible with Windows 10, click here to visit the download page for Avast Antivirus for Windows 10.


    The above listed antivirus are tested successfully with Windows 10 Technical Preview and are working flawlessly.

    The above list is still incomplete, if you are using any other Antivirus with your Windows 10 then please mention it in comments below, we will look forward to make this list bigger.

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    360 internet security also works


    windows defender and Quick heal antivirus are good


    Antivirus .. Why do they tell you? Active – simple user .. – They are designed to protect your computer from all evil. They check the files for the presence of malicious code, and if it finds such a file is deleted or moved them into quarantine, to inform the user about it. Malware – can spoil the information on your computer, create a mountain of files, turning your desktop into a large trash, and most importantly – you may have stolen valuable information, such as passwords and logins. Also with the help of viruses – can control your computer… Read more »


    adfly? lol. never ever gonna visit this webshit again


    I used Mcafee total protection (free with BT ISP) with win. 7 But it doesn’t work with win. 10. I tried to reinstall it but got the message that it was incompatible with win 10.
    You need to revise your list, cos it doesn’t work


    Compatibility issues with Webroot

    Rocky Redinger

    I tried every anti-virus program listed above and either got unacceptable results from the scans or the program would not be accepted into build 10061. what version of the build did you use to make your list?


    I have tested McAfee Livesafe in Windows 10 build 10049, So far no issues, its running all good


    Sorry but from Windows 10 Pro Technical Preview Evaluation Copy. Build 10061 AVG 2015 Internet Security and AV will not work as it blocks Wifi networks

    Johny Hightower

    Panda not working on 10074 build, compatibility issues?

    Sumedh Gudur

    Kaspersky is blocked officially by Microsoft due to unknown reasons….so switched to AVAST FREE…Its working fine as of now..


    Baidu Antivirus 2015 works very nice with all Windows 10 Technical Previews, latest TP: 10135.

    Yann Guilloux

    G Data 2015 (IS, TP & AV) don’t work on build 10162

    AP Johnson

    I have tried a couple of them out there but i still find 360 working excellent on all 10 versions

    Stacey Matthews

    Comodo Internet Security & Antivirus for Windows 10 is a class of its own. It
    automatically scans links and files from the Internet and has many
    interesting features. I love this product.

    Simon Setyadarma

    I can’t even get more than 4% when scanning the whole computer before the components turned off by AVG Internet Security itself 😐

    Ron I.

    Wait and see if Win 10 gets widely accepted. There will be more choices then.

    Ernst Carino

    Just Learned that my KASPERSKY ANTIVIRUS has been uninstalled without any warning. Now I need to wait for it to be compatible. T-T


    No, remove AVG from this. I just ran an update for them that crashed my computer and after trying to fix the issue for hours, finally had to settle for rebooting my computer back to factory default. And when I tried to talk to tech support, Their window sat open for over an hour with not even a greeting or a statement “Hey we are really busy, we will be with you as soon as we can”.


    With K7 Total Security I have successfully upgraded to Win 10 without any issue and also able to use it after complete upgrade.

    o p ahlawat

    is quick heal total compatible with windows10?

    Sunil Kumar Arutla

    McAfee Total Protection not accepting for Windows 10


    how about the 360 antivirus

    Charlie Jonshon

    Norton, F-Secure, Kaspersky, Webroot SecureAnywhere, G-Data, ESET NOD32 are some best antivirus software for windows 10 also can check Epson Printer Error 0xe8 for more information in details.

    aron warner

    The antivirus is really good for using if you are using it for Windows 10 and the paid version of the antivirus. I want to tell that if you are using a free version of any antivirus then you may face Netgear Router Password Issues and then it’s a big problem and your router may get crashed. So I suggest you use a paid version of any antivirus.