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    Why Android OS is the Most Popular OS in World

    Basically, we know android mobile technology is complete related to mobile operating systems that are developed and designed by worlds best Search Engine Google. This is a great invention for using the mobile and Smartphone in a smooth way. Through the strong and beneficial android technology, we can operate our mobile very nicely; this technology advent of mobile devices such as phones, iPods, and androids now has convenience. Android technology has taken over all sides of social marketing and interest of people.


    Top Features of Android

    The modern world is all about the latest and fast technology any of the features and terms used o enhance different views of the public will be very famous. The Android machine runs for an open source in service system and this revenue that it can be accessed by the public. This is one of the beneficial features of the device since many people are able to enjoy its features from side to side the open source of use system. Modern technology of writing in smart apps now just changed the vision of people into their thinking, so it has been very easy to write and if you want some tips to make you important then visit for quality writing help.

    Best android features you will love to use. We all know about the features and functions as android features and functions, there is not any single person in the world that can ignore these functions. Some of the excellent features are discussed as under very clearly.


    Quick Research

    As we know some years ago there is nothing in Android smartphones but after some years we have lots of features available on our mobiles. Quick Research is one of those amazing features, it is time-saving, having a connection between with just some seconds if the networking is attached.



    It is a wonderful aspect of the modern world of android technology; this android feature has just joined the world in a group. Now we can talk to each other without any hesitation and problem if you have connections with other people from a different country then with the translation feature you can easily contact with them and change their messages with translation app.


    Video Calling

    Video calling is just amazing and mesmerizing feature of android users infect for all of us. Through this function, we can see and take appearances of our loved once anywhere in the country. This is also helpful for different companies and firms to a conversation with video calling.


    Screen Capture

    Another great feature of Android smartphones and mobile is that capturing the screenshots, this very interesting feature, if you do not have internet or data bundle then you can easily save the picture by using capture feature and save the screen short very easily.



    This is just amazing feature of android using systems, through this function we can use different type of task at the same time, like browsing, chatting, calling and working in assignment to the same time With the no other smartphone app we can do this but in all android apps it is just like very easy.


    Voice Based Features

    As the top quality feature we have voice-based function of all Android Smartphone and mobile, this is just amazing through this feature we can send voice messages and voice calls. Anytime we can send messages through this feature and in the time of need if we cannot write down the message then we can easily send voice message through this function.


    Web Browser & Multi-Touch

    The use of web browser in android smartphones and mobiles is amazing now and it has change the way of working of the people. Now, this is very easy to convey to each other and can also use your transaction very easily by using all kind of android smart application.

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