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    Turn your Android Smartphone into a Spy Camera

    Smartphones can do a lot with various apps today. One of these things is to use the camera as a miniature surveillance camera so you can keep track of your precious things or your loved ones.

    If you really want to spy on someone or just watch your home, you can easily use your Android phone as a spy camera. If you want to spy on your employees in the office or make sure that your child is safe while you are not, turning an Android device into a spy camera will only take a couple of minutes. Below are the methods that you can use to monitor, including using the hidden camera of your smartphone. If you are truly ambitious, you can track calls and text messages after your spy camera is properly configured.


    Method 1: AtHome Video Streamer

    This method should work on most Android devices, and you only need a couple of minutes to launch the application.

    An important nuance: you will need another device to watch streaming video in real-time, while the main device will act as a surveillance camera.


    1. Download and install the application

    Click on the Start Now icon to go to the start page.


    2. Customize the application

    Press the “Menu” button in the upper left corner and select the “Change password” option. You can use any username and password – you will need them to stream video using another device. After you have entered your data, click on the “Save” icon, then click on the “Back” icon to return to the webcam page.

    3. Set the main phone in the right place

    You will see the CID code on the screen – be sure to write it down because you will need it later. After that, click on the “Screen off” inscription in the upper right corner if you do not want others to know that you are tracking them. Then place the phone in the right place, depending on who you want to spy on.

    4. Download the application to the second device

    Download, install and configure the application on your second smartphone.

    5. Add your device

    Click on the “Add” icon in the upper left corner to add your device. Then click ” By CID “.

    6. Set up

    Enter the CID code, username, and passwords that you used to configure the camera on the first device. After that, click on the “Save” icon.


    7. Start spying

    Next, you will be taken to the main screen of the application. Click on the webcam icon and the device you are using should appear. If so, click on the camera icon.

    Now you can stream live from an Android device that you previously turned into a spy camera. You can take screenshots from your spy camera, switch between the front and rear cameras, and turn the flash on or off.


    Method 2: IP-Webcam

    IP Webcam is one of the most reliable and popular applications for spy cameras. Also, the application supports viewing the video stream in any browser or on any media player on your PC. The app also supports video chat via Skype and Chatroulette.

    1. Download and install the application

    Download and install the application on your device, and then launch it.

    IP Webcam
    IP Webcam
    Developer: Pavel Khlebovich
    Price: Free
    • IP Webcam Screenshot
    • IP Webcam Screenshot
    • IP Webcam Screenshot
    • IP Webcam Screenshot
    • IP Webcam Screenshot
    • IP Webcam Screenshot
    • IP Webcam Screenshot
    • IP Webcam Screenshot

    2. Change settings

    By opening it, you can edit the settings for how you want to record video. Settings include frames per second, image size, and image quality.

    3. Start recording

    Click on Start Server to start recording from the phone’s camera. After that, you will see the IP address and port number at the bottom of the screen. Be sure to write them down – you will need them later.

    4. Start streaming

    Now put the phone in the place from which you want to track events. Make sure you position the phone correctly.

    If you want to stream on your PC, open a browser and enter the IP address and port number that you saved earlier. You will be taken to the Android Webcam Server page where you can view the video in your browser, where you will have several options for this video.

    5. Download and install the application on your second device

    Download and install tinyCam Monitor on your Android device.

    6. Choose your camera

    Launch the application and click on “Add Camera”. Then, in the “Required Settings” section, click on “Camera Vendor” and select the “ IP-Webcam for Android ” option.


    7. Configure camera

    Enter the IP address by clicking on the hostname and enter the port number by clicking on the port number.


    8. Start streaming

    All you have to do is go to the main screen and click on the Live View icon. Now you can view the video stream directly on your Android device.



    Method 3: Cloud Cam

    This is another useful application, but, unfortunately, it is not free ($ 1.66). The application has several advanced features, including automatic video recording, automatic image recording, uploading a video file to Picasa, Dropbox, FTP or email and saving a video to an SD card. The application also has an image motion detection function (G-Sensor for automatically activating image capture and video recording modes).


    1. Download and install the application

    Download and install the application on your Android device, then launch it.

    Cloud Cam
    Cloud Cam
    Developer: simplylogic
    Price: $2.08
    • Cloud Cam Screenshot
    • Cloud Cam Screenshot
    • Cloud Cam Screenshot
    • Cloud Cam Screenshot
    • Cloud Cam Screenshot
    • Cloud Cam Screenshot
    • Cloud Cam Screenshot
    • Cloud Cam Screenshot


    2. Set the parameters and start recording

    Click the Settings icon to configure settings such as motion sensitivity and the threshold for comparing pixels when recording video to the phone. After that, just click on the Start Server icon to start recording and streaming.


    3. Save IP address and port number

    You will see an icon with a link to the IP address and port number – be sure to save them somewhere because you will need them later. After that, you need to place the tracking device in the right place.


    4. Start streaming

    Open a browser on your PC or Android Android device, then open the URL (IP address and port number that you saved earlier). This will launch the CloudCam page in your web browser, where you can edit the settings, take screenshots from the device and watch live broadcast directly in the browser or through another media player.


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