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    Turn your Android Phone into a Home Security Camera

    The use of the home security systems and the security cameras are becoming pronounced with every passing day. With the ever-increasing rate of crime and the criminals getting all techy, it is becoming hard for people to know how they can attack next. However, there are always security measures and ways in which one can make sure that the people in their house and the property both remain the same. The security cameras are serving this purpose well and they are being widely used for

    • Outdoor security eye keeping
    • Indoor security of the house in general
    • Keeping an eye on the activity of the kids
    • Monitoring the routine of the babysitter or nanny with your kids
    • Keeping a good eye on your pet and even your elderly parents while you are away
    • Knowing the status of security at home while you are on a vacation
    • For the office use to keep a check on your employees

    So there is so much that these cameras are already offering and you can use them for some particular benefit other than these as well. one thing that can keep people at bay from purchasing these cameras can be the high price of the whole system.


    But if so, there could be some solution for them as well.

    Well, here we have a solution for all those who wish to have such security systems at home and at the same time they are trying to save some money as well. For such people, we have a good news that you can save some money by making use of some old or discarded mobile phone or specifically a smartphone.


    A discarded old smartphone can save the day

    All you need to have is an old smartphone that is breathing dust in some far corner of your desk, the phone must be able to download some app from the internet and it should also be capable of running its rear camera. If it can do these two things, it is just perfect for the purpose. Now all you need is a good security camera that you can put at some point in your house and link the smartphone and the camera via the network. The network can be wireless or wired depending upon your need.

    Which security camera is the best one for your home security is the next question that is troubling you I’m sure? But there is no need to worry about as you can simply log on to Norco Alarms and check the options there are for the home security, run through the tips that help you purchase the best camera and with a reasonable price as well and order it away.

    So now you have the security camera as well, where to begin with further?

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