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    Top Five Must Have Apps for an E-Biker

    In the past, you required a reserved pedaling computer to monitor your cycling. Currently, all you need is a smartphone and preferably a handlebar mount. Many cycling applications on the market can measure speed, elevation, distance, and also track your way on a map. Many of these apps have some form of shared tie-in, for competing or comparing with your comrades.

    Unlike cycling computers that count the wheel or pedal rotations to monitor the mileage, smartphone applications depend on GPS, which makes them easier to install and use. All you should do is to download the preferred app, and you are ready to start.

    However, they require mounting if you plan to watch your status as you cycle. Again, cell phones tend to have poor battery life, particularly when using turn-by-turn and GPS navigation. Also, these phones are not good at withstanding these elements.

    Nevertheless, if you like carrying your phone while biking, these applications are still the way to go. Here are some of the best biking apps with features that compute your distance, pace, duration and the calories burned to help you track your pedaling fitness.



    CycleMeter, presently available for iPad and iPhone, is an all-inclusive workout-monitoring app created for fitness fanatics and cyclists. This GPS-based application allows you to track your fitness movements such as skiing, skating, cycling, running, walking and many others. During your exercises, cycleMeter tracks your movements and progress, evaluating lots of data including distance, speed, elevation, location and time.

    You can also decide to enable the audio cues through the 70 configurable report settings provided by the app regarding distance traveled, elevation, speed and time. Moreover, CycleMeter also features several customizable training plans for you to ascertain the best target, training, or interval schedule. This app also arranges workout data into various graphs, maps and statistics, allowing you to visualize and evaluate your progress.



    MapMyRide is quite similar to CycleMeter app, but it mostly benefits from the online history of the parent company when it comes to route mapping software. This app is designed not only to track your rides, but it also monitors your weight, nutrition, and other things, but it can also take you wherever you want to go. MapMyRide works with any Bluetooth Smart sensor, and it provides you with a competitive choice for common cycling routes.

    The premium edition of this app offers you training plan, live tracking and more enhanced routing alternatives you can share with your friends and family members. Additionally, this version also channels the adverts you are stuck with on the app.



    Whereas Google Maps are essential for locating your way or roadies, this cycling app is reasonably vital for mountain bikers who love adventures. This app is free to download, and it offers you a free and extremely usable OpenCycle base chart of the whole world, to help you free yourself from any form of navigational uncertainty when the need arises.

    Additionally, you can purchase a comprehensive large-scale topographical charting for more than 20 countries across the globe. These maps are saved in your cell phone and it utilizes the GPS of your phone, meaning it doesn’t require a data connection or a signal to work.

    You can also design and share your routes in the application and also download other personalized tracks or explore the cycling around you. This app also comes with Buddy Beacon, a live tracking function that enables you to share your ride with some selected friends or the public, as well as checking who is around you.

    ‎ViewRanger: Hike, Bike or Walk
    ‎ViewRanger: Hike, Bike or Walk
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    • ‎ViewRanger: Hike, Bike or Walk Screenshot



    BikeBrain is probably the most comprehensive cycling app out there. This app is ideal for the habitual bikers who are looking for in-app picture uploads and GPS mapping to sports cyclers who are looking for training mode and heart rate monitoring features. Additionally, this app doesn’t require a reminder to keep at hand your previous cycling routes: it automatically stores your ride details and optimizes your battery’s life so that checking those routes will not drain your battery. This app is free, and it’s only available for iOS devices, and it is known for its consistency and credibility.


    Bike Hub

    This cycling app is a big win for the modern-day world where productivity is critical, and it helps you find the quickest possible cycling route from one point to another using both cycle paths and roads. Besides, to ensure that your safety is a priority, Bike Hub utilizes voice directions to inform you of any sudden shortcuts or upcoming turns.

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