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    Top Android App Development Frameworks to be Used in 2018

    If you have chosen Android app development for your next app, then your decision is quite feasible. Among the assortment of app development platforms, android is the toughest warrior having a comparatively enormous user base that is progressively becoming its strength.

    Android has the potential to run on different devices & mobile phones and supports to thousands of apps and games. Android has emerged a big marketplace in the form of Android app development for developers, businesses and myriads of startups to build various sorts of Android apps and make them available for users of different devices.

    What makes the efforts of Android app developers or Android app development agencies more effectual?

    Of course, the answer is Android app development frameworks. Such Android app development frameworks greatly reduce the efforts of the developer with increased productivity and providing inbuilt tools for working on the tricky fraction of coding.  Here I have listed out some of the most promising frameworks that should be used in 2018 and get best-designed Android apps as an outcome.


    Best Android App Development Frameworks In 2018

    Corona SDK

    If you want the fast game and app development, then Corona is all good to use. Corona enables about 10 times faster app development. This is because the Corona app backend completely depends on Lua, which is a highly adaptable, lightweight & multi-paradigm programming language having a focus on portability, speed, ease-of-use, and extensibility. Corona also offers a built-in engine, native UI support, more than 500 APIs and an advertising platform built for developers.



    Supported by Adobe, PhoneGap is a cross-platform app development framework supporting developments in CSS, HTML5, and JavaScript. It is the most popular framework in the area of Android app development. PhoneGap enables you to easily build apps using latest web technologies. Its third-party tools, huge plugin library, and thriving community make it more worthwhile amongst a number of Android app development frameworks.



    Realm is the most powerful framework for mobile databases. The Realm team also introduced Realm for Android, following the accumulation of 20,000 developers on their iOS platform within 8 weeks. Realm claims to be developer-friendly, making it easier for developers to create real-time and reactive apps.


    React Native

    React Native is an open source adaption of Facebook’s React JavaScript framework and used for developing native mobile apps. The plus point of React Native- it is developed and maintained by Facebook and used by popular brands like Airbnb, Instagram, Tesla, Walmart. React Native comes with large amount of inbuilt components and APIs that makes it more effectual for developing native apps for iOS, Android, and Windows platform. It also allows you to build cross-platform apps with the write once and run anywhere facility. React Native yield the best designed Android apps capable of engaging users.



    The Ionic framework certified under the MIT license, allows developers to build hybrid mobile apps with the help of technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Due to its cross-platform features and ability to integrate AngularJS it is appearing as one of the most popular frameworks for developing an Android app. Its command line interface facilitates features like emulators, live reload, and logging. As it is based on the popular technologies like Cordova, Angular, it possesses a large community support from each of these leading technologies.


    The AppBuilder

    The AppBuilder framework powered by HTML 5 offers a codeless user interface to enable rapid app development. It also allows submitting your apps directly to Google Play store. It comes with the pre-built blocks for feedback, push notifications, content updates, analytics, polls, and much more. AppBuilder is used by many of the big enterprises across the globe for Android app development.


    Sencha Touch

    Similar to TheAppBuilder, Sencha Touch is an enterprise-centered framework for making universal mobile apps. It makes use of hardware acceleration techniques for high-performance applications. Sencha offers about 50 built-in UI components and themes with native look and feel, which makes it easy to build striking apps.




    In order to win the high competition of mobile apps, you would need to ensure the proper selection of platform, frameworks, technologies, team of developers and other essential aspects.  If you make choice of Android app development then chances are more to lead in the app market. The above-mentioned frameworks will considerably help you to achieve best outcomes from your Android app development and fulfill your efforts. Just pick one of these Android app development frameworks and get on your project work. If need to hire professional android app developers working on such frameworks, then contact us, we will help you fully.

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