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    Top 10 Best of 2018 Junk Cleaner Apps For Android Devices

    Cleanup For Android | Cache Cleaner And Junk Remover for Android

    A junk cleaner app is what you need to keep your Android phone running as good as new. But of course, just the one reason is not sufficient. You will need better convincing before you consider getting yourself one of the best junk cleaner apps for Android available on the Google Play Store. Let’s give you a few reasons.
    All Android devices get slow over time. While some may be consuming more battery, others may be running out of internal phone storage.
    This happens because the applications you use on your Android create temporary files known as cache files. These files help applications start up a little faster for the next launch. Also, residual files from ads and image thumbnails take up a lot of space. As they get heavily accumulated, the entire phone slows down.

    Solution? Applications like Android cleaners find those unnecessary files and help you delete them. So, if your phone’s performance has slowed down or you are running low on memory, here is a list of the top 10 junk cleaner apps available on the Play Store.


    #1. Falcon Mobi Cleaner – Junk Cleaner & Phone Booster

    Falcon Mobi Cleaner - Junk Cleaner

    Falcon Mobi Cleaner is one of the most trusted Android junk cleaner app available on the Play Store. It gives you various options to tune your device to the optimum operating condition. What sets Falcon Mobi Cleaner aside from all the other junk cleaners is the ability to protect your device from virus attacks other than deleting residual files.

    Key features of Falcon Mobi Cleaner – Junk Cleaner

    • The app is loaded with powerful optimization features like Junk Cleaner, Phone Boost, Social Cleaning, Battery Saver, Duplicate Photos, and App Manager.
    • It offers a one-tap cleanup to scan and remove all junk files and app caches from your device.
    • It allows you to seamlessly uninstall applications they do not use anymore.Duplicate Photo Cleaner is a special feature that finds duplicate and similar looking images and lets you delete them.

    [appbox googleplay screenshots]



    #2. Norton Clean

    Norton Clean

    Norton Clean can intelligently remove junk files taking up your memory and storage space with amazing accuracy. Reclaiming storage space on your Android phone and optimizing device memory comes quite easy with this junk cleaner app.

    Key features of Norton Clean

    • It identifies and deletes cache, junk, APK, and residual files left by uninstalled apps to free up space.
    • It removes obsolete APK files installed via the Android Package Installer.
    • The app helps you identify and remove apps you rarely use to reclaim memory for new apps.
    • It uninstalls bloatware and terminates background apps for better performance.

    [appbox googleplay screenshots]


    #3. Clean Master

    Clean Master

    Clean Master is the best Android junk file cleaner that also happens to be one of the most used system optimizers in the world. The app introduces robust features to hike the performance of your Android phone.

    Key features of Clean Master

    • It can easily auto clean cache files, junk files, residual files, search history/ call logs/ text history etc.
    • App Management can uninstall apps to boost the memory and increase performance.
    • The app helps accelerate RAM to reclaim storage and boost speed.
    • It offers 1 tap boost to improve your game speed by 30%.

    [appbox googleplay screenshots com.cleanmaster.mguard]


    #4. Du Speed Booster & Cleaner

    junk cleaner apps, Top 10 Best of 2018 Junk Cleaner Apps For Android Devices

    DU Seed & Cleaner app is one of the most downloaded Android cleaner apps available on the Play Store. The app offers tools that help you exercise unlimited control over your Android operating system.

    Key features of Du Speed Booster & Cleaner

    • It is a memory booster, junk cleaner,  security scanner, apps manager and smart charger all blended into one app.
    • It cleans cache and junk file and helps manage memory space.
    • The app offers a one-tap boost directly from your home screen for faster optimization.
    • It detects high power consuming apps and kills them to reduce phone temperature.

    [appbox googleplay screenshots com.dianxinos.optimizer.duplay]


    #5. App Cache Cleaner

    Boost Cache Cleaner - 1Tap Boost Clean Junk Files

    App Cache Cleaner is a simple, easy-to-use tool useful for clearing application cached files and fix your buggy Android device in the process. Freeing up space and improving your device’s general performance is executed in just one tap.

    Key features of App Cache Cleaner

    • The app stops low memory warnings by clearing cache and data files.
    • It offers 1 tap to speed up and boost phone device performance.
    • Freeing up RAM boosts phone for the better gaming experience.
    • It is an advanced cache management app that is relatively small in size.

    [appbox googleplay screenshots mobi.infolife.cache]


    #6. Power Clean

    Power Clean

    Power Clean is a small, smart and powerful junk cleaner that optimizes your Android smartphone with just one click. The app amazingly frees up storage, disables unnecessary Apps, boosts RAM to get your device running like new.

    Key features of Power Clean

    • It removes old junk files, system cache, residual file and other clutter from your Android device.
    • It cleans RAM memory by removing redundant background tasks.
    • It stops auto-start apps to help reduce memory usage and increase boot speed.
    • Junk photo cleanup clean duplicated junk photos with one tap.

    [appbox googleplay screenshots com.lionmobi.powerclean]


    #7. Cache Clear

    Cache Clear

    Cache Clear is an efficient Android cache cleaner application with the ability to auto clear caches and unnecessary files from your smartphone. Just one touch is all that you need to remove traces of browsing history, Google Maps search records, Google Play search records, and clipboard.

    Key features of Cache Clear

    • It is a fast clearing tool that clean cache and traces from your Android phone.
    • It removes residual files without any confirmation pop-ups.
    • The apps let you customize the data you wish to clear from options such as App Cache, Cache, Cookies, Downloads, Passwords, and WebSQL etc.
    • Auto clear lets you set the frequency of clean up depending on your preferences.

    [appbox googleplay screenshots cn.menue.cacheclear]



    #8. SD Maid

    SD Maid - System Cleaning Tool

    SD Maid is a popular junk cleaner in this category. The application takes care of eliminating duplicate files, exploring temporary files or searching for ‘cadavers’ that you do not need any longer. It keeps your device clean and tidy.

    Key features of SD Maid

    • AppControl lets you freeze, restart, and delete unwanted programs installed on your phone.
    • It lets you optimize your Android database and compress it to make your phone run faster.
    • It detects files left behind by uninstalled apps and deletes them.
    • The app scans for duplicate pictures, music or documents according to customized name and location.

    [appbox googleplay screenshots eu.thedarken.sdm]



    #9. AVG Cleaner for Android Phones

    AVG Cleaner Free Utilization Tool & Space Clean

    AVG Cleaner is a brilliant junk cleaner app that helps you remove junk from your Android device. Additionally, it kills background processes, optimizes your device and extends battery life. It also lets you set customized reminders to clean your Android phone.

    Key features of AVG Cleaner for Android Phones

    • The app efficiently cleans junk files, manage apps, save battery and reduce data usage.
    • It removes browsing history, large files, and phone call logs for faster device performance.  
    • It detects unnecessary cached RAM running in the background.
    • It is a one-stop solution optimize and extend battery life.

    [appbox googleplay screenshots com.avg.cleaner]

    #10. CCleaner


    CCleaner offers you complete control over your Android smartphone. It brings an easy to use interface with options for cleaning, optimization and freeing up storage space.

    Key features of CCleaner

    • It is a multifunctional app that analyzes and clean junk files taking up your valuable space.
    • The junk cleaner app deletes empty folders, clipboard content, and browser and phone histories.
    • It lets you uninstall unwanted applications easily to free up RAM of the device.
    • It is efficient with low memory and CPU usage.
    • The app lets you optimize your Android in a few clicks.

    [appbox googleplay screenshots com.piriform.ccleaner]


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