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    6 Tips & Apps to Customize & Theme Your Android Device

    Do you want the desktop of your phone to be completely different from the rest of your friends? Have you got it personalized? We’re now giving you some simple tricks to change wallpapers, the font, add the name or phrase you prefer as well as customize the menu and colors of your mobile.


    Change the Background of the Screen

    The easiest step to do is to change the background of the screen that comes by default on your own phone, as the image that you like. Android allows you to put your own photos or images in motion (if you put moving images as wallpaper you can consume more battery).


    You simply have to enter your phone’s menu options Settings, Device, Backgrounds and select the image you want to set as the background of your desktop or lock screen. You can change, independently, the background image of the menu, the screen that shows your mobile when you block it or both at the same time with the same image that you prefer.


    Change the Font of All the Menus

    You can also change the font of your smartphone and put the largest or smallest letters of your choice. If you do not have any, you are alone, you just have to enter the options Settings, Devices, Sources, and Options:

    • Type of font that allows you to choose between several types of letters that are installed on your phone.
    • Font size where you can select the size you prefer from “tiny” to “huge”.


    Add Custom Text on the Lock Screen

    You can add a personalized text such as your first and last name or your nickname in the lock screen of your phone to easily identify it. In this way just by clicking on the screen you will know that it is yours or others can identify and in case you forget it you will know it is yours. In the image on the left, we have put, for example, the name of this page. To obtain it, see Settings, Devices, Lock screen, Owner information or simply personalize it with the word you prefer in Settings, Devices, Lock screen, and Personal message.

    Change the Appearance of the Desktop and Menus

    There are applications that allow you to completely change the menu screen, icons and add new widgets to have all the information you need in a simple view. We show you the most used, which can be obtained in Google Play.


    With this application, you can change the desktop of your mobile menu and the home screen. You only have to decide which is the format that you like the most from the wine list that it offers, select it and it will be downloaded and configured automatically. Please visit for custom writing services at GPA Labs.

    In addition, you can add new widgets to the home screen and customize the color and size of the icons, the folders to group your applications, color of the text, etc. Add to favorites more features than those offered by default your Smartphone and completely changing its appearance in the simplest way.


    Cover Lock Screen

    The cover lock screen allows you to change your lock screen and add many features that will help you get the most out of your smartphone in the smallest possible space. Separate other areas so that, for example, when you are at home, you have a wallpaper and some applications in particular, and when you are in the office, other things. Cover will change everything when it detects where you are.

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